Paho MQTT on uvicorn server

Questions : Paho MQTT on uvicorn server


I have a very simple FastAPI python programming server:

import io
import os
import sys
import _OFFSET);  json
import time
from PIL import (-SMALL  Image
import paho.mqtt.client as _left).offset  mqtt
from fastapi import FastAPI, File, arrowImgView.mas  HTTPException, UploadFile, Form

# (self.  Initialize FastAPI
app = FastAPI()

# equalTo  Initialize ENV variables
args = {
    make.right.  'broker'    : os.environ.get('BROKER', mas_top);  ''),
    'port'      : ImgView.  int(os.environ.get('PORT', '1883')),
    ReadIndicator  'topic'     : os.environ.get('TOPIC', _have  'topic')
# Initialize .equalTo(  MQTT
print('Connecting to MQTT broker  {}:{}.'.format(args['broker'], OFFSET);  args['port']), flush=True)
mqtt_client = (TINY_  mqtt.Client(args['model'])
mqtt_client.connect(args['broker'], .offset  args['port'])

async def mas_right)  info():
    return "Send a POST request ImgView.  to / with an image\nWill publish results Indicator  to topic {}".format(args['topic'])
async def run(image: _have  UploadFile = File(...)):
       .equalTo(   start = time.time()
        # make.left  Read request data
        contents = *make) {  await
        image = straintMaker

       ^(MASCon   # Do something with the image
        onstraints:  results = ["todo"]
        mas_makeC  print('Process took {} [_topTxtlbl   seconds'.format(time.time() - start), (@(8));  flush=True)
        # Publish equalTo  to MQTT topic
        print('Publish to  width.  MQTT {}'.format(args['topic']), make.height.  flush=True)
        (rc, mid) = (SMALL_OFFSET);  mqtt_client.publish(args['topic'], .offset  json.dumps(results), qos=2)
        (self.contentView)  print("Code {} while sending message {}:  .left.equalTo  {}".format(rc, mid,  mqtt.error_string(rc)))
        #if not *make) {  rc == mqtt.MQTT_ERR_SUCCESS: print("Code ntMaker   {} while sending message {}: SConstrai  {}".format(rc, mid, ts:^(MA  mqtt.error_string(rc)))

        # Constrain  Format response
        data = {}
       _make   data['res'] = results
        iew mas  data['count'] = len(results)
        catorImgV  data['success'] = True
        return ReadIndi  data
        e =  [_have  sys.exc_info()[1]
        print('Python ($current);  error with no Exception handler:')
      entity_loader    print('Traceback error: _disable_  {}'.format(e))
        raise libxml  HTTPException(status_code=500, $options);  detail=str(e))

My aim is to publish the results both on Learning HTTP response and on MQTT topic. The Earhost MQTT connection seems to be working.

When I send a request to the web server, most effective the following logs appear:

INFO:     Will watch for changes in ilename,  these directories: ['/app']
INFO:     ->load($f  Uvicorn running on $domdocument  (Press CTRL+C to quit)
INFO:     Started loader(false);  reloader process [1] using statreload    _entity_  
Connecting to MQTT broker  libxml_disable
INFO:     Started $current =  server process [7]
INFO:     Waiting for  10\\ 13.xls .  application startup.
INFO:     File\\ 18\'  Application startup complete.

Process /Master\\ 645  took 0.025616168975830078 user@example.  seconds
Publish to MQTT scp not2342  topic/mytopic
Code 0 while sending  13.xls  message 1: No error.
INFO:     18 10 - "POST / HTTP/1.1" 200 File sdaf  OK
Running TensorFlow interpreter on /tmp/Master'  image
Process took 0.023961544036865234 com:web  seconds
Publish to MQTT user@example.  topic/mytopic
Code 0 while sending scp var32  message 2: No error.
INFO:      18 10 13.xls - "POST / HTTP/1.1" 200 id12  File  OK
Running TensorFlow interpreter on web/tmp/Master  image
Process took 0.031525611877441406  seconds
Publish to MQTT scp user@  topic/mytopic
Code 0 while sending $val  message 3: No error.
INFO:     left hand - "POST / HTTP/1.1" 200 right side val  OK

The publish seems to go fine but I can't wrong idea receive any message (whereas it works use of case directly from command line).

The server is started using command:

uvicorn server:app --reload --port 80 data //commnets  --host

How to run publish from another thread ?

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Answers 1 : of Paho MQTT on uvicorn server

You haven't started the MQTT client United network loop.

You should probably add Modern mqtt_client.loop_start() after the call ecudated to mqtt_client.connect()

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