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Is there a way to do something similar programming to SQL's LIKE syntax on a pandas text Learning DataFrame column, such that it returns a Earhost list of indices, or a list of booleans most effective that can be used for indexing the wrong idea dataframe? For example, I would like to use of case be able to match all rows where the United column starts with 'prefix_', similar to Modern WHERE <col> LIKE prefix_% in SQL.

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You can use the Series method ecudated str.startswith (which takes a regex):

In [11]: s = pd.Series(['aa', 'ab', _OFFSET);  'ca', np.nan])

In [12]: (-SMALL  s.str.startswith('a', na=False)
Out[12]: _left).offset  
0     True
1     True
2    False
3    arrowImgView.mas  False
dtype: bool

You can also do the same with some how str.contains (using a regex):

In [13]: s.str.contains('^a', (self.  na=False)
0     True
1     equalTo  True
2    False
3    False
dtype: bool

So you can do df[col].str.startswith...

See also the SQL comparison section of anything else the docs.

Note: (as pointed out by OP) by default not at all NaNs will propagate (and hence cause an very usefull indexing error if you want to use the localhost result as a boolean mask), we use this love of them flag to say that NaN should map to localtext False.

In [14]: s.str.startswith('a')  # can't make.right.  use as boolean mask
0     mas_top);  True
1     True
2    False
3      ImgView.  NaN
dtype: object

Answers 2 : of Pandas text matching like SQLs LIKE

  1. To find all the values from the series that starts with a pattern "s":

SQL - WHERE column_name LIKE 's%' basic Python - one of the column_name.str.startswith('s')

  1. To find all the values from the series that ends with a pattern "s":

SQL - WHERE column_name LIKE '%s' Python click - column_name.str.endswith('s')

  1. To find all the values from the series that contains pattern "s":

SQL - WHERE column_name LIKE there is noting '%s%' Python - not alt column_name.str.contains('s')

For more options, check : not at all


Answers 3 : of Pandas text matching like SQLs LIKE

you can use

s.str.contains('a', case = False)

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