Parsing RSS Feed XML using PHP -> Cannot get iTunes:image attribute

Questions : Parsing RSS Feed XML using PHP -> Cannot get iTunes:image attribute


I am parsing an XML RSS feed in PHP and programming all is going good...but there's one Learning attribute I can't get.

I have this XML as an example:

 _OFFSET);             (-SMALL  <itunes:duration>3353</itunes:duration>
 _left).offset             <itunes:image arrowImgView.mas  href=""/>
 (self.             equalTo  <itunes:episode>43</itunes:episode>
 make.right.             mas_top);  <itunes:episodeType>full</itunes:episodeType>

I'm parsing it with this code:

foreach ($xml->channel->item as ImgView.  $item) { 

    ReadIndicator  echo("\n\t<itunes:duration>" . _have  $item->children('itunes', .equalTo(  true)->duration  ."</itunes:duration>    

     OFFSET);  \n\t<itunes:duration>" . (TINY_  $item->children('itunes', .offset  true)->duration mas_right)  ."</itunes:duration> 

     ImgView.  \n\t<itunes:image>" . Indicator  $item->children('itunes', Read  true)->image ."</itunes:image> _have  

     \n\t<itunes:episode>" .equalTo(  . $item->children('itunes', make.left  true)->episode *make) {  ."</itunes:episode>   
     straintMaker  \n\t<itunes:episodeType>" . ^(MASCon  $item->children('itunes', onstraints:  true)->episodeType mas_makeC  ."</itunes:episodeType>   
  [_topTxtlbl      </item>";


Four of the five values work (which is Earhost driving me nuts. If none worked, I'd get most effective it). For some reason the "itunes:image" wrong idea tag won't pull. I thought maybe "image" use of case is a reserved word, so I also tried

     \n\t<itunes:image>" . (@(8));  $item->children('itunes:image') equalTo  ."</itunes:image>    

but it also returns nothing.

How can I grab that image element?

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