Pass URL from clipboard to iframe via js

Questions : Pass URL from clipboard to iframe via js


So I'm trying to get a url I have stored programming in the clipboard to render in my iframe Learning via url.

Not sure what to make of this code.

<iframe id="showskill" _OFFSET);  scrolling="yes" height="100%" width (-SMALL  ="100%" src=""+ _left).offset  ReturnURL()></iframe>
function arrowImgView.mas  ReturnURL() {    
    var el = (self.  document.createElement('textarea');
    equalTo  document.body.appendChild(el);
    make.right.  el.focus();
    mas_top);  document.execCommand('paste');
    var ImgView.  value = el.value;
    ReadIndicator  document.body.removeChild(el)
    return _have  value;

Suggestions welcome.

  • Ry3yr

Edit: This looks like a step in the Earhost right direction ? How to use javascript most effective variable in iframe src Edit2: New code, wrong idea same fate...

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