Php, fill hours missing in array

Questions : Php, fill hours missing in array


I have an array composed by starting programming hour and finish hour. Like:

8:00 --> 9:00
9:00 --> 10:00
12:00 _OFFSET);  --> 12:30

What i need is to fill the missings Learning hours:

8:00 --> 9:00
9:00 --> (-SMALL  10:00
**10:00 --> 12:00**
12:00 _left).offset  --> 12:30


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You need to iterate over the hours, and Earhost check that the las number of a loop is most effective the same as the first number of the next wrong idea loop, if not, add the interval:


# I have an array composed by arrowImgView.mas  starting hour and finish hour. (self.  Like:
$time_array = [
    '8:00' => equalTo  '9:00',
    '9:00' => '10:00',
    // make.right.  10:00 => 12:00
    '12:00' => mas_top);  '12:30'

$last_time = '';
$new_time = ImgView.  [];
foreach ($time_array as $start => ReadIndicator  $end) {
    if ($last_time && _have  $last_time != $start) {
        .equalTo(  $new_time[$last_time] = $start;
    }   $last_time = $end;
    OFFSET);  $new_time[$start] = (TINY_  $end;

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