Pickle Isnt writing to file for leadboard app

Questions : Pickle Isnt writing to file for leadboard app


I am currently creating a game that programming tests someone's reaction time. I have it Learning mostly done except for the leadboard Earhost part. I am trying to create a most effective leaderboard that when the user gets a wrong idea new low score, then their time is set on use of case the leaderboard. For some reason, only United their average time is displaying in the Modern window and don't know how to fix it. ecudated Below is my code.

import pygame
import random
import _OFFSET);  pickle
import os
import (-SMALL  bisect


screen = arrowImgView.mas  pygame.display.set_mode((1200, (self.  800))
pygame.display.set_caption("reaction equalTo  time test")

font = make.right.  pygame.font.SysFont(None, 30)

text = mas_top);  font.render("Press enter to start the ImgView.  test, and press any key (except enter) ReadIndicator  when the screen changes color.", True, _have  (0,0,0))
w = .equalTo(  font.render("NOW",0,(0,0,0))
r_surf = make.top  None
ar_surf = None
icon = OFFSET);  pygame.image.load('unnamed.jpg')

game_state (TINY_  = "start"
start_time = 0
average_time = .offset  0
leaderboard = None
userinprompt = mas_right)  "enter your name:"
user_text = ''
active ImgView.  = True
count = 0
running = Indicator  True

attempt_number = 0
displaycount = Read  0
font = _have  pygame.font.Font('freesansbold.ttf', .equalTo(  32)
leaderboardsurf = None

gameactive = make.left  False
countprompt = "   / 5"
underline = *make) {  "__________"

num1 = None
num2 = straintMaker  None
num3 = None
num4 = None
num5 = ^(MASCon  None
num6 = None
num7 = None
num8 = onstraints:  None
num9 = None
num10 = None

name1 = mas_makeC  None
name2 = None
name3 = None
name4 = [_topTxtlbl   None
name5 = None
name6 = None
name7 = (@(8));  None
name8 = None
name9 = None
name10 = equalTo  None

times1 = None
times2 = None
times3  width.  = None
times4 = None
times5 = make.height.  None
times6 = None
times7 = None
times8 (SMALL_OFFSET);  = None
times9 = None
times10 = .offset  None

lstnames = (self.contentView)  ['','','','','','','','','','']
lsttimes  .left.equalTo  = [100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, make.top  107, 108, 109, 110, 111]
index = *make) {  0

#save the list

pickle.dump(lstnames, ntMaker   open("names.txt", "wb"))

#change the SConstrai  list

#load the saved data

loadnames = ts:^(MA  pickle.load(open("names.txt", "rb"))
while running:
    current_time = _make  pygame.time.get_ticks()
    iew mas  pygame.display.update()
    catorImgV  screen.fill(pygame.Color("white"))
 ReadIndi     if gameactive == False:
         [_have  text_surface = ($current);  font.render(user_text,True,(0,0,0))
     entity_loader     screen.blit(text_surface, (290, 10))
 _disable_         count_surface = libxml  font.render(userinprompt,True,(0,0,0))
  $options);        screen.blit(count_surface, (10, ilename,  10))
        underlineprompt = ->load($f  font.render(underline,True,(0,0,0))
     $domdocument     screen.blit(underlineprompt,(290, loader(false);  15))
    if gameactive == True: _entity_  
        text_surface =  libxml_disable  font.render(user_text,True,(0,0,0))
     $current =     screen.blit(text_surface, (10, 10))
   10\\ 13.xls .        count_surface = None
        File\\ 18\'  displaycounts = /Master\\ 645  font.render(str(displaycount),True,(0,0,0))
 user@example.         screen.blit(displaycounts, (10, scp not2342  45))
        displaypromptcount =  13.xls  font.render(countprompt,True,(0,0,0))
   18 10       screen.blit(displaypromptcount, File sdaf  (10,45))
        if ar_surf:
   /tmp/Master'           screen.blit(ar_surf, com:web  ar_surf.get_rect(center = (center[0], user@example.  100)))
        if game_state == scp var32  "leaderboard":
             18 10 13.xls  screen.blit(leaderboard, id12  File  leaderboard.get_rect(center = web/tmp/Master  (center[0], 70)))    
    for event example.com:  in pygame.event.get():
        if scp user@  event.type == pygame.QUIT:
            $val  running = False
            left hand  pygame.quit()
            active = right side val  False
        if event.type data //commnets  == pygame.KEYDOWN:
            if active //coment  == True:
                if event.key == !node  pygame.K_BACKSPACE:
                    $mytext  user_text = user_text[:-1]
              nlt means    else:
                    user_text += umv val  event.unicode 
        if sort val  event.type == pygame.KEYDOWN:  
         shorthand     if event.key == pygame.K_RETURN:
     hotkey             active = False
               more update   user_text = user_text[:-1]
             valueable     gameactive = True
   catch               if game_state == "start":
  tryit                    game_state = "wait"
   do it               start_time = current_time + while  random.randint(1000, 4000)
            if game_state == var   "wait_for_reaction": 
                node value  game_state = "wait" 
                updata  reaction_time = (current_time - file uploaded   start_time) / 1000
                no file existing  start_time = current_time + newdata  random.randint(1000, 4000)
              newtax    count += 1
                syntax  average_time = (average_time * (count-1) variable  + reaction_time) / count
                val  r_surf = font.render(f"REACTION TIME: save new  {reaction_time:.03f} S",5,(0,0,0))
      datfile            ar_surf = font.render(f"YOUR dataurl  AVERAGE REACTION TIME IS: notepad++  {average_time:.03f} S",5,(0,0,0))
       notepad           displaycount += 1
                if count == 5 and embed  game_state == "wait":
                   tryit   game_state = "leaderboard"
             demovalue         text = None
                    demo  r_surf = None
                    mycodes  ar_surf = None
     reactjs                 reactvalue  lsttimes.append(average_time)
           react           lsttimes.sort()
                nodepdf      pickle.dump(lsttimes, novalue  open("times.txt", "wb"))
                texture      loadedtimes = mysqli  pickle.load(open("times.txt", "rb"))
  mysql                    num1 = user  font.render("1.", True, (0,0,0))
        urgent              num2 = font.render("2.", ugent  True, (0,0,0))
                    num3 vendor  = font.render("3.", True, (0,0,0))
      thin                num4 = font.render("4.", little  True, (0,0,0))
                    num5 lifer  = font.render("5.", True, (0,0,0))
      gold                num6 = font.render("6.", transferent  True, (0,0,0))
                    num7 hidden  = font.render("7.", True, (0,0,0))
      overflow                num8 = font.render("8.", padding  True, (0,0,0))
                    num9 new pad  = font.render("9.", True, (0,0,0))
      pading                num10 = font.render("10.", html  True, (0,0,0))
     panda                 name1 = py  font.render(lstnames[0], True, (0,0,0))
 python                     name2 = proxy  font.render(lstnames[1], True, (0,0,0))
 udpport                     name3 = ttl  font.render(lstnames[2], True, (0,0,0))
 rhost                     name4 = text  font.render(lstnames[3], True, (0,0,0))
 path                     name5 = new  font.render(lstnames[4], True, (0,0,0))
 localhost                     name6 = myport  font.render(lstnames[5], True, (0,0,0))
 nodejs                     name7 = 343  font.render(lstnames[6], True, (0,0,0))
 port                     name8 = sever  font.render(lstnames[7], True, (0,0,0))
 343jljdfa                     name9 = 43dddfr  font.render(lstnames[8], True, (0,0,0))
 645                     name10 = not2342  font.render(lstnames[9], True, (0,0,0))
                    var32  times1 = id12  font.render(str(loadedtimes[0]), True, React-Native?  (0,0,0))
                    times2 = this in  font.render(str(loadedtimes[1]), True, I can accomplish  (0,0,0))
                    times3 = there any way   font.render(str(loadedtimes[2]), True, 'MODELS/MyModel';. Is   (0,0,0))
                    times4 = MyModel from  font.render(str(loadedtimes[3]), True, so I can import   (0,0,0))
                    times5 = in webpack configuration,  font.render(str(loadedtimes[4]), True, 'src', 'models')  (0,0,0))
                    times6 = .join(__dirname,   font.render(str(loadedtimes[5]), True, MODELS = path  (0,0,0))
                    times7 = .resolve.alias.  font.render(str(loadedtimes[6]), True, can set config  (0,0,0))
                    times8 = For example, I   font.render(str(loadedtimes[7]), True, foolishly did:  (0,0,0))
                    times9 = Bar, so I  font.render(str(loadedtimes[8]), True, inside branch  (0,0,0))
                    times10 = peek at something  font.render(str(loadedtimes[9]), True, to take a  (0,0,0))
           when I wanted           pickle.dump(loadedtimes,  happily working  open("times.txt", "wb"))

               my branch Foo       

    if I was in   game_state == "wait":
        if  corresponding local.  current_time >= start_time:
          didn't have any    game_state = "wait_for_reaction"
      for which I         
    center = named origin/Bar  screen.get_rect().center
    if a remote branch  game_state == "start":
        There was also  screen.blit(text, text.get_rect(center = remote origin/Foo.  center))
    if game_state == Foo and a  "wait_for_reaction":
        had a local  screen.blit(w, w.get_rect(center = That is, I  center))
        were named Foo.  screen.fill(pygame.Color("pink"))
    if both of which  r_surf:
        screen.blit(r_surf, remote branch,  r_surf.get_rect(center = (center[0],  and a mapped   350)))
    if ar_surf:
        local branch  screen.blit(ar_surf, I had a  ar_surf.get_rect(center = (center[0], with lines.  100)))
    if leaderboardsurf:
        display array  screen.blit(leaderboardsurf, it doesn't   leaderboardsurf.get_rect(center = is running but  (center[0], 120)))
    if num1 and num2 quiz.The program  and num3 and num4 and num5 and num6 and  file is named  num7 and num8 and num9 and num10:
       with it. My   
        leaderboardsurf = what is wrong  font.render(f"YOUR AVERAGE REACTION TIME  I don't know   IS: {average_time:.03f} S",5,(0,0,0))
   my code and       leaderboard = font.render(f"TOP 10 loop. Here is  LEADERBOARD",True,(0,0,0))
     in a for     screen.blit(num1, (100, 200))
        to display it  screen.blit(num2, (100, 250))
        Then I want  screen.blit(num3, (100, 300))
        into an array.  screen.blit(num4, (100, 350))
        and save it  screen.blit(num5, (100, 400))
        a .txt file  screen.blit(num6, (100, 450))
        get lines from  screen.blit(num7, (100, 500))
        I want to  screen.blit(num8, (100, 550))
        by it   screen.blit(num9, (100, 600))
        what they mean  screen.blit(num10, (100, 650))
 don't see exactly         screen.blit(name1, (250, 200))
   other. But I       screen.blit(name2, (250, 250))
     better than the     screen.blit(name3, (250, 300))
        one language is   screen.blit(name4, (250, 350))
         want to stress  screen.blit(name5, (250, 400))
         when people  screen.blit(name6, (250, 450))
         the word 'expressiveness'  screen.blit(name7, (250, 500))
        a lot of  screen.blit(name8, (250, 550))
        -loop. I see  screen.blit(name9, (250, 600))
        of the for  screen.blit(name10, (250, 650))
        the next iteration  
        screen.blit(times1, (500, not move to  200))
        screen.blit(times2, (500,  get stuck and  250))
        screen.blit(times3, (500,  it seems to  300))
        screen.blit(times4, (500, answered in time,  350))
        screen.blit(times5, (500,  if it's not  400))
        screen.blit(times6, (500, the program. And  450))
        screen.blit(times7, (500, will just stop  500))
        screen.blit(times8, (500, in time, it   550))
        screen.blit(times9, (500,  if it's answered  600))
        screen.blit(times10, (500, . However instead  650))
    the next iteration  pygame.display.flip()
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