Pikaday DDMMYYYY format opening as MMDDYYYY

Questions : Pikaday DDMMYYYY format opening as MMDDYYYY


I have a blade component with the programming following alpine code

x-data="{ value: _OFFSET);  @entangle($attributes->wire('model')), (-SMALL  picker: undefined }"
x-init="new _left).offset  Pikaday({ field: $refs.input, format: arrowImgView.mas  'DD/MM/YYYY', onOpen() { (self.  this.setDate($refs.input.value) } equalTo  })"
x-on:change="value = make.right.  $event.target.value"
class="input-group mas_top);  pe-2"
<span ImgView.  class="input-group-text">
    <i ReadIndicator  class="fa-solid _have  fa-calendar-days"></i>

 .equalTo(     {{ make.top  $attributes->whereDoesntStartWith('wire:model') OFFSET);  }}
    (TINY_  x-bind:value="value"
    .offset  class="form-control"

And I am able to pick a date with Learning DD/MM/YYYY format, the problem is, when Earhost I open the datepicker a second time the most effective date that is currently written in the wrong idea input is considered as MM/DD/YYYY and use of case then the calendar jumps to the wrong United month

For example, if I open the datepicker a Modern first time and select the following date ecudated 04/11/2021 (In DD/MM/YY is November some how 4th), then open the datepicker a second anything else time with the current value then it will not at all open 11/04/2021 (In DD/MM/YY is April very usefull 11th)

How can I force the datepicker to open localhost the date written in it in DD/MM/YYYY love of them format?

In the head I have defined the scripts localtext in the following order:

  1. Alpine
  2. Moment
  3. Pikaday
  4. Bundle mix of js

I am not sure if it is relevant basic information but I am using laravel-8 and one of the the code above is a blade component click (<x-input.date>) that is being there is noting used inside a livewire (V2) component

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Answers 1 : of Pikaday DDMMYYYY format opening as MMDDYYYY

check how you submit pickadate data to not alt backend, there is a formatSubmit option not at all you can define in pickadate. also, check my fault what parsed format string date are you issues passing to pickadate on load


Answers 2 : of Pikaday DDMMYYYY format opening as MMDDYYYY

Instead of using onOpen() { mas_right) trying this.setDate($refs.input.value) }, you get 4th result can instead replace it with defaultDate: round table $refs.input.value.

There seems to be an unresolved problem double chance when using onOpen but the above solves novel prc your problem.

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