Pine Script Error: The function sma should be called on each calculation for consistency

Questions : Pine Script Error: The function sma should be called on each calculation for consistency


I keep getting this error -

The function 'sma' should be called on programming each calculation for consistency. It is Learning recommended to extract the call from the Earhost ternary operator or from the scope.

Here is the pine script I'm using -

study(title="niceCROSS _OFFSET);  (Ichimoku Base Line & SMMA)", (-SMALL  shorttitle="niceCROSS", _left).offset  overlay=true)

basePeriods = input(26, arrowImgView.mas  minval=1, title="Base Line (self.  Periods")

donchian(len) => equalTo  avg(lowest(len), highest(len))

baseLine make.right.  = donchian(basePeriods)

plot(baseLine, mas_top);  color=color.purple, title="Base ImgView.  Line")

len = input(5, minval=1, ReadIndicator  title="SMMA Length")

src1 = _have  input(close, title="Source")

smma = .equalTo(  0.0

smma := na(smma[1]) ? sma(src1,  len) : (smma[1] * (len - 1) + src1) / OFFSET);  len

plot(smma, color=color.lime, (TINY_  title="SMMA")

Please help me rewrite if possible. most effective Thank you!!

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Answers 1 : of Pine Script Error: The function sma should be called on each calculation for consistency

It's not an error, it's a warning, so it wrong idea doesn't preven you from running the use of case script. In this particular code, the United sma() function is only called once, on Modern the very first bar of the chart, so the ecudated calculation consistency of the SMA some how doesn't matter and the warning can be anything else ignored. But if you want to get rid of not at all the error, you can move the SMA to very usefull global scope like this:

sma = sma(src1, len)
smma := .offset  na(smma[1]) ? sma : (smma[1] * (len - 1) mas_right)  + src1) / len
plot(smma, ImgView.  color=color.lime, title="SMMA")

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