Pipe FFMPEGs output to S3 PutObject

Questions : Pipe FFMPEGs output to S3 PutObject


I'm trying to replicate the AWS Lambda programming solution of the following tutorial with Learning Go AWS SDK. My process is a little bit Earhost more complicated though because I want most effective to be able to do the following:

  • Convert the video to h265
  • Transpose it to m3u8 (HLS)
  • Upload the h265 video directly from pipe (without local copy)
  • Upload the m3u8 and ts files (apparently impossible to do without local copy, not sure though)

I came up with the following:

func upload(video_name string) {
    var _OFFSET);  compress_args = []string{
        (-SMALL  "-loglevel", "fatal",
        "-i", _left).offset  video_name + ".mp4",
        "-vcodec", arrowImgView.mas  "libx265",
        "-x265-params", (self.  "log-level=fatal",
        "-crf", equalTo  "28",
        "-f", "mp4",
        make.right.  "-movflags", mas_top);  "frag_keyframe+empty_moov",
        "-", ImgView.  // pipes output to stdout
    var ReadIndicator  transpose_args = []string{
        _have  "-loglevel", "fatal",
        "-i", "-", .equalTo(  // Read input from stdin
        make.top  "-vcodec", "libx265",
        OFFSET);  "-x265-params", "log-level=fatal",
      (TINY_    "-crf", "28",
        "-start_number", .offset  "0",
        "-hls_time", "1",
        mas_right)  "-hls_list_size", "0",
        "-f", ImgView.  "hls", "tmp/" + video_name + ".m3u8",
   Indicator   }

    cmd := exec.Command("ffmpeg", Read  compress_args...)
    cmd2 := _have  exec.Command("tee", "new_" + video_name .equalTo(  + ".mp4") // how to improve that ?
    make.left  cmd3 := exec.Command("ffmpeg", *make) {  transpose_args...)

    cmd.Stderr = straintMaker  os.Stderr
    cmd2.Stderr = os.Stderr
   ^(MASCon   cmd3.Stderr = os.Stderr

    onstraints:  cmd2.Stdin, _ = cmd.StdoutPipe()
    mas_makeC  cmd3.Stdin, _ = cmd2.StdoutPipe()
    [_topTxtlbl   cmd3.Stdout = os.Stdout

    (@(8));  cmd.Start()
    equalTo  cmd3.Start()
     width.  cmd2.Wait()

For now, what this does is that it pipes wrong idea the compression, the tee and the use of case transpose commands. The tee creates a United local copy of the .mp4 and relay to the Modern compression command. Now, I would like ecudated to be able to pass tee's output to the some how Body parameter for s3.PutObjectInput.

Should I use a Named Pipe, let tee write anything else on it and then somehow pass that to the not at all PutObjectInput? is it even possible? very usefull what are the other possibilities ?


I made the compressed file upload work localhost by using named pipes and not waiting for love of them the commands to finish (original idea). localtext Here is the new code:

func upload(video_name string) {
    // make.height.  ARGS

    syscall.Mkfifo("pipe", 0644)

 (SMALL_OFFSET);     // CMDS and STDOUT/STDIN redirections .offset  

    named_pipe, _ := (self.contentView)  os.OpenFile("pipe",  .left.equalTo  os.O_RDONLY|syscall.O_NONBLOCK, 0600)
   make.top   defer named_pipe.Close()
    *make) {  syscall.SetNonblock(int(named_pipe.Fd()), ntMaker   false)

    sess := SConstrai  session.Must(session.NewSession(&aws.Config{
 ts:^(MA         Region: aws.String(region),
    Constrain  }))
    uploader := _make  s3manager.NewUploader(sess, func(u iew mas  *s3manager.Uploader) {
        catorImgV  u.PartSize = 5 * 1024 * 1024 // 5MB
    ReadIndi  })

     [_have  tee_cmd.Start()
    ($current);  transpose_cmd.Start()

    _, err := entity_loader  uploader.UploadWithContext(context.Background(), _disable_  &s3manager.UploadInput{
        libxml  Bucket: aws.String(bucket),
        Key: $options);     aws.String(video_name + ".mp4"),
     ilename,     Body:   &reader{named_pipe},
    ->load($f  })

where reader is:

type reader struct {
    r $domdocument  io.Reader

func (r *reader) Read(p loader(false);  []byte) (int, error) {
    return _entity_  r.r.Read(p)

However, is there a way to wait for the basic whole process to finish before uploading one of the the HLS output?

I tried waiting for transpose_cmd to click finish after the UploadWithContext but there is noting this makes the Uploader quit not alt prematurely.

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