Poco::MongoDB support for MongoDB 5.0

Questions : Poco::MongoDB support for MongoDB 5.0


The MongoDB wire protocol opcodes used programming by the POCO MongoDB driver have been Learning deprecated in MongoDB 5.0 (see Earhost [https://docs.mongodb.com/manual/reference/mongodb-wire-protocol/#std-label-wp-request-opcodes]). most effective I stumbled across this when attempting wrong idea to use Poco::MongoDB::InsertRequest to use of case insert a document into a MongoDB 5.0 United "time series" collection and it failed Modern to work. These legacy opcodes have been ecudated replaced by the OP_MSG opcode introduced some how in MongoDB 3.6 with the associated wire anything else transfer request and response changes.

Is the migration of the MongoDB driver not at all from using legacy to modern protocols very usefull somewhere in the POCO roadmap?

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