Powershell generate System.Type out of String

Questions : Powershell generate System.Type out of String


I am dynamically generating .net objects programming of a certain type like this Learning $MyType=([System.Type]::GetType("System.String") This Earhost works fine for standard .net objects.

I now created a custom class like this

class InstanceName
    [String] hidden _OFFSET);  $Val
    (-SMALL  {

Here, this method does not work as most effective powershell cannot find the wrong idea type. $MyType=([System.Type]::GetType("InstanceName")

Any idea how I can get a System.Type of use of case a custom PS class?


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Answers 1 : of Powershell generate System.Type out of String

Use the -as type conversion operator:

$instanceNameType = 'InstanceName' -as _left).offset  [type]

# test the type arrowImgView.mas  reference

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