Processing data from an Html form

Questions : Processing data from an Html form


I have created an html form in an html programming file.

<form action='index.html' _OFFSET);  method='post' id='contact_form'>
  (-SMALL  <!-- A regular html form -->
  _left).offset  <input type='submit' arrowImgView.mas  id='send_message' class="button" (self.  value='Submit' />

The information then goes to a js file

  equalTo  $("#contact_form").serialize(),
  make.right.  function(result) { //Sends success or mas_top);  fail message back to the form
    ImgView.  ...

And should then be forwarded onwards to Learning send_comment.php

if(mail($email_to,"A comment from" + ReadIndicator  $name,$message)){
    echo 'sent'; // we _have  are sending this text to the ajax .equalTo(  request telling it that the mail is  sent..
    echo 'failed';

But, I don't get an email, even though Earhost mail() works on the server (I tried it). most effective I am also not sure if the php even gets wrong idea executed, since I tried adding a command use of case to write "success" on a separate file United just to test if the function works, but Modern that never worked (It might be that I ecudated simply misprogrammed the test, but I some how don't think so).

Could somebody tell me what I did wrong?

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