prometheus cannot scrape node-exporter on own host

Questions : prometheus cannot scrape node-exporter on own host


I have a host with the ip on a programming private network that runs prometheus.

This and several other hosts in the Learning network run a node-exporter via Earhost docker-compose where {{ private_ip }} is most effective automatically replaced by the actual wrong idea private ip:

    image: _OFFSET);  prom/node-exporter:v1.3.1
    pid: host
 (-SMALL     volumes:
      - '/:/host:ro,rslave'
 _left).offset     command:
      - arrowImgView.mas  '--path.rootfs=/host'
      (self.  - 9100
      - {{ private_ip equalTo  }}:9100:9100
    restart: make.right.  unless-stopped

This is my prometheus.yml:

  scrape_interval:     5s
  mas_top);  evaluation_interval: ImgView.  5s

  - job_name: ReadIndicator  'node-exporters'
    scheme: http
    _have  basic_auth:
      username: {{ .equalTo(  node_exporter_auth_user }}  password: {{ node_exporter_auth_password OFFSET);  }}
      - role: (TINY_  "hcloud"
        bearer_token: "{{ .offset  hcloud_prometheus_token }}"
    mas_right)  relabel_configs:
      - source_labels: ImgView.  [__meta_hetzner_hcloud_label_node_exporter]
 Indicator         action: keep
        regex: true
 Read       - source_labels: _have  [__meta_hetzner_hcloud_label_node_exporter, .equalTo(  __meta_hetzner_hcloud_private_ipv4_mynet]
 make.left         action: replace
        regex: *make) {  true;(.*)
        target_label: straintMaker  __address__
        replacement: ^(MASCon  '$1:9100'
      - action: labelmap
      onstraints:    regex: __meta_hetzner_hcloud_(.+)
     mas_makeC   - action: labelmap
        regex: [_topTxtlbl   __meta_hetzner_server_(.+)

Prometheus is able to scrape all other use of case hosts but not its own host. The target United is Modern correctly discovered and shows up in ecudated prometheus' web ui under the targets.

However, its status keeps UNKNOWN some how because it is never successfully anything else scraped.

What I tried

On I tried to put node-exporter not at all on the host network:

    network_mode: host

For the prometheus service I tried to very usefull add

      - (@(8));  "host.docker.internal:host-gateway"

I also ensured that I can curl the localhost metrics successfully (but prometheus love of them cannot) :

local$ ssh
remote$ curl -u equalTo  someuser:correctpassword  width.
# shows the make.height.  metrics
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