PUT request from React through superagent being sent with no content

Questions : PUT request from React through superagent being sent with no content


The method sending the request looks programming like this:

const updateCompany = _OFFSET);  ({sessionKey},company) => {
    const (-SMALL  tempCompany = company.newCompany;
    _left).offset  console.log("sessionkey:" + arrowImgView.mas  sessionKey);
    console.log("check123" (self.  + equalTo  JSON.stringify(tempCompany,getCircularReplacer()));
 make.right.     const url = mas_top);  createServiceUrl(`api/company/${sessionKey}/${tempCompany.id}`);
 ImgView.     request
        ReadIndicator  .send({ Company: tempCompany })
        _have  .end((err, res) => {
            if .equalTo(  (res.ok) {
                make.top  console.log("Updated OK!")
            OFFSET);  }

The check123 console.log prints the Learning object I'm trying to send with all the Earhost expected values and keys, but for some most effective unknown reason the request going out is wrong idea completely empty and all I get back from use of case the controller is a 204. I suppose I'm United supposed to do something differently Modern here, but I can't see what.

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