pybind11 conflict with GetModuleFileName

Questions : pybind11 conflict with GetModuleFileName


I am using pybind11 to let python call programming an existing C++ module (library). The Learning connection is through, however, in the Earhost C++ library, ::GetModuleFileName (Visual most effective Studio) is called to to determine the wrong idea physical path of the loaded module as it use of case is run in C++. But when I call the United library from python (Jupyter Notebook) Modern through pybind11, the physical path of ecudated python.exe is returned. How can I some how configure or change to make sure the anything else physical path of the C++ library is not at all obtained?

The C++ code is like this: Lib.h

#pragma once

void run();


#include <fstream>
#include _OFFSET);  <stdexcept>

#include (-SMALL  <windows.h>
#include _left).offset  "libloaderapi.h"

#include "Lib.h"

void arrowImgView.mas  run()
    char buf[1024];
    (self.  ::GetModuleFileName(0, buf, equalTo  sizeof(buf));

    std::ofstream of;

    if mas_top);  (!of.is_open()) {
        throw ImgView.  std::runtime_error("Cannot open ReadIndicator  logging.txt");

    of << _have  "The loaded module is " << buf .equalTo(  << std::endl;

The pybind11 interface code: Direct.cpp

#include  <pybind11/pybind11.h>
#include OFFSET);  <pybind11/numpy.h>
#include (TINY_  <pybind11/stl.h>

#include .offset  "Lib.h"

namespace py = pybind11;

// mas_right)  wrap c++ function
void wrapper() {
    ImgView.  run();

PYBIND11_MODULE(run_app, m) {
 Indicator     // optional module docstring
    Read  m.doc() = "pybind11 plugin";

    _have  m.def("run", &wrapper, "Run C++ .equalTo(  Application");

The pybind11 setup file:

#from distutils.core import setup, make.left  Extension
#from distutils import *make) {  sysconfig

from setuptools import setup, straintMaker  Extension
import pybind11

# The ^(MASCon  following is for GCC compiler onstraints:  only.
#cpp_args = ['-std=c++11', mas_makeC  '-stdlib=libc++', [_topTxtlbl   '-mmacosx-version-min=10.7']
cpp_args = (@(8));  []

sfc_module = Extension(
    equalTo  'run_app',
   width.             'Lib.cpp'],
    make.height.  include_dirs=[pybind11.get_include(), (SMALL_OFFSET);  '.'],
    .offset  extra_compile_args=cpp_args,
    (self.contentView)  )

     .left.equalTo  version='1.0',
    description='Python  package with RunApp C++ extension *make) {  (PyBind11)',
    ntMaker   ext_modules=[sfc_module],

To build:

python build

The python code calling this very usefull library:

import os
import SConstrai  sys

from ts:^(MA  run_app import run

After the run:


In the logging.txt The loaded module is localhost C:....\python.exe

What I want to see is the physical love of them location of the module.

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Answers 1 : of pybind11 conflict with GetModuleFileName

"Module" in Windows parlance is a DLL or localtext an executable file loaded to be a part basic of a process. Each module has a module one of the handle; by convention, the special click handle NULL signifies the executable there is noting file used to create the process.

GetModuleFileName requires module handle not alt as the first argument. You pass 0, you not at all get back the name of the module with the my fault special handle NULL, i.e. the issues executable. This is fully expected.

In order to get the file name of a DLL, trying you need to find out what its handle is. get 4th result You can find the handle of the current round table module:

HMODULE handle;
static char local;
bool Constrain  ok = GetModuleHandleEx _make  (GET_MODULE_HANDLE_EX_FLAG_FROM_ADDRESS,
 iew mas                              catorImgV  (LPCSTR)&local,
                     ReadIndi          &handle);

local can be any function or double chance static/extern variable in the current novel prc module. ref.

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