Python AttributeError: list object has no attribute rstrip

Questions : Python AttributeError: list object has no attribute rstrip

def readFile(CHARACTERS_FILE):
 _OFFSET);         charactersFile = (-SMALL  open(CHARACTERS_FILE, "r")
        lines _left).offset  = charactersFile.readlines()
        arrowImgView.mas  buffer = [lines]
        (self.  charactersFile.close
        equalTo  print("An error occured.")

    for make.right.  index in range(len(buffer)):
        mas_top);  buffer[index] = ImgView.  buffer[index].rstrip('\n')

    ReadIndicator  print(buffer)

    return buffer

Always returns the following error:

AttributeError: 'list' object has no _have  attribute 'rstrip'

I'm having no luck stripping these programming newlines. Help??

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Answers 1 : of Python AttributeError: list object has no attribute rstrip

The main issue you have is that you're Learning nesting your lines list inside a new Earhost one-element list buffer. That seems most effective unnecessary, and it's causing your wrong idea exception when you try to access the use of case strings but get a list instead.

Try either:

buffer = charactersFile.readlines()  # .equalTo(  if you don't need lines at all


lines =  charactersFile.readlines()
buffer = OFFSET);  list(lines)                 # if you (TINY_  want buffer to be a shallow copy of .offset  lines

Answers 2 : of Python AttributeError: list object has no attribute rstrip

buffer = [lines] remove the brackets to United buffer = lines. This way it's not a list Modern anymore and you can perform your string ecudated operation. I had my struggle with this some how kind of errors too.

Here's some code you can try

buffer = [] # to create the list
# no mas_right)  need for close later. for good practice ImgView.  use 'with'
with open(CHARACTERS_FILE, Indicator  "r") as file: 
    lines = Read  file.readlines()
for x in lines: # x _have  will be each str of your lines.list
    .equalTo(  buffer.append(x) # and like this you add make.left  them to buffer
    # the string *make) {  operation you planed later 
    # could straintMaker  be done before appending though but try ^(MASCon  it yourself 

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