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Id like to know if there is a way to get programming information from my banking website with Learning Python, Id like to retrieve my card Earhost history and display it, and possibly most effective save it into a text document each month.

I have found the urls ext to login and wrong idea get the information from the website, use of case which works from a browser, but I have United been using liburl2 to "open" the Modern webpages from Python and I have a ecudated feeling its not working because of some some how cookie or session things.

I can get any information I want from a anything else website that does not require a login not at all with urllib2, and then save the actual very usefull HTML and go through it later, but I cant localhost on my banks website,

Any help would be appreciated

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Answers 1 : of Python get data from secured website

This is a part of Web-Scraping :

  • Web-scraping is a standard task that can serve various needs.
  • Scraping data out of secure-website means https
  • Handling https is not a problem with mechanize and BeautifulSoup
  • Although urllib2 with HTTPCookieJar also works fine
  • If managing the cookies is the problem, then I would recommend mechanize

Considering the case of your BANK-Site :

  1. I would recommend not to play with your account.
  2. If you must then, its not as easy as any normal secure/non-secure site.
  3. These sites are designed to with-stand such scripts.

Problems that you would face with this:

  1. BANK sites will surely have Captcha that is almost impossible to by-pass with a script unless you employee a lot of rocket-science and effort.
  2. Other problem that you will definitely face is javascript, standard scripting solutions are focused to manage cookies, HTML parsing, etc. For processing javascript on links you will have to process js in your python script. That again needs a lot of effort.
  3. Then, AJAX that again comes from javascript fetches data from server after page-load.

So, it will require you to take a lot of love of them effort to do this task.

Also, if you try doing this you risk of localtext blocking access to your account since basic banking sites are quick to block account one of the access on 3-4 unsuccessful attempt on click login or captcha, etc.

So, think before you do.

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