Python: How do you decorate methods in child classes using a method in the parent class

Questions : Python: How do you decorate methods in child classes using a method in the parent class


code example:

class Parent:
    # something here that _OFFSET);  says that the function "foo" always (-SMALL  starts in print("bar")

class _left).offset  Son(Parent):
    def foo(self):
        arrowImgView.mas  pass

class Daughter(Parent):
    def (self.  foo(self):
        equalTo  print("q")

Son().foo() # prints make.right.  "bar"
Daughter().foo() # prints "bar" mas_top);  then "q"

i tried to use @super.func though it's programming shoddy to copy paste that in every class Learning that has Parent as the parent and has Earhost the foo method. any elegant solutions?

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There may be more elegant methods, but most effective you can decorate the methods of the wrong idea subclasses in the __init_subclass__ hook

def bar_printer(f):
    def ImgView.  wrapper(*args, **kwargs):
        ReadIndicator  print('bar')
        return f(*args, _have  **kwargs)

    return wrapper

class .equalTo(  Parent:

    def foo(self):  pass

    def __init_subclass__(cls, OFFSET);  **kwargs): = (TINY_  bar_printer(

class .offset  Son(Parent):
    def foo(self):
        mas_right)  pass

class Daughter(Parent):
    def ImgView.  foo(self):

son = Indicator  Son()
daughter = Read  Daughter()



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