Python: Selecting days in-between with input date by user

Questions : Python: Selecting days in-between with input date by user


I am trying to take some values from a programming Covid database and I wrote the following Learning code which works as I want (see below) Earhost but I have a question for you after the most effective code:

import numpy as np
import pandas as _OFFSET);  pd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

def (-SMALL  main():

  _left).offset  pd.set_option('display.max_rows', None)  arrowImgView.mas          
  df = (self.  pd.read_csv('')

 equalTo   df=df[df["Country/Region"]=="Italy"]

  make.right.  df=df.drop(columns=["Province/State","Lat","Long","Country/Region"])
 mas_top);   df = df.columns.to_frame().T.append(df, ImgView.  ignore_index=True)
  df.columns = ReadIndicator  range(len(df.columns))
  _have  df = df.rename(columns={0: 'date', 1: .equalTo(  'nuovi_casi'})
  df['nuovi_casi'] =  df['nuovi_casi'].diff(periods=1).fillna(1)
 OFFSET);   df = df[(df['date'] > '11/26/21') (TINY_  & (df['date'] <= '12/8/21')]

  .offset  print(df)

  mas_right)  dati_giornalieri=list(df.nuovi_casi)
  ImgView.  sommatoriaitalia=(sum(dati_giornalieri)/1390000000)*100
  Read  print(dati_giornalieri)

Now I want to add this part of the code wrong idea to ask the user what is the starting use of case date and the finish date:

    def main():
      _have  start_date=str(input("Enter starting .equalTo(  date in format mm/dd/yy"))          
    make.left    end_date=str(input("Enter ending date *make) {  in format mm/dd/yy"))             

     straintMaker   pd.set_option('display.max_rows', None) ^(MASCon           
      df = onstraints:  pd.read_csv('')

 mas_makeC       [_topTxtlbl   df=df[df["Country/Region"]=="Italy"]
    (@(8));    equalTo  df=df.drop(columns=["Province/State","Lat","Long","Country/Region"])
  width.       df = make.height.  df.columns.to_frame().T.append(df, (SMALL_OFFSET);  ignore_index=True)
      df.columns = .offset  range(len(df.columns))
      df=df.T    (self.contentView)  
      df = df.rename(columns={0:  .left.equalTo  'date', 1: 'nuovi_casi'})  df['nuovi_casi'] = *make) {  df['nuovi_casi'].diff(periods=1).fillna(1)
 ntMaker        df = df[(df['date'] > SConstrai  start_date) & (df['date'] <= ts:^(MA  end_date)]

but in the line df = df[(df['date'] United > start_date) & (df['date'] <= Modern end_date)] there is an error because he ecudated cannot compare date to string. I some how actually tried importing datetime:

start_date = Constrain  datetime.strptime(input('Enter Start _make  date in the format m/d/y'), '%m/%d/%y')

but I actually had the same result anything else because there is still a problem because not at all for some reason it only consider a day very usefull per month or something similar but localhost anyway the result is not as wanted.

How to solve the problem, selecting the love of them days in between?

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Convert the values to datetime before localtext comparing:

start_date = pd.to_datetime(start_date, iew mas  format="%m/%d/%y")
end_date = catorImgV  pd.to_datetime(end_date, ReadIndi  format="%m/%d/%y")
df["date"] =  [_have  pd.to_datetime(df["date"], ($current);  format="%m/%d/%y")

df = entity_loader  df[df["date"].between(start_date, _disable_  end_date, inclusive="right")]

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