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When I try to execute a file which is programming located inside the Program Files Learning directory, I get a PermissionError Earhost execption.

excat error

Traceback (most recent call last):
  _OFFSET);  File "", line 24, in (-SMALL  <module>
    _left).offset  subprocess.Popen([buildCMD], arrowImgView.mas  stdin=subprocess.PIPE)
  File (self.  "", line 854, in __init__
  equalTo  File "", line 1307, in make.right.  _execute_child
PermissionError: mas_top);  [WinError 5] Zugriff verweigert
[23948] ImgView.  Failed to execute script 'Build' due to ReadIndicator  unhandled exception!


import subprocess
buildCMD = _have  '"C:/Program .equalTo(  Files/Microchip/xc8/v2.32/bin/xc8-cc.exe"  -mcpu=16f1787 OFFSET);  -Wl,  (TINY_  -DXPRJ_default=default  .offset  -Wl,--defsym=__MPLAB_BUILD=1   mas_right)  -mdfp=C:/Program ImgView.  Files/Microchip/MPLABX/v5.50/packs/Microchip/PIC12-16F1xxx_DFP/1.2.63/xc8 Indicator   -fno-short-double -fno-short-float Read  -fasmfile -maddrqual=ignore _have  -xassembler-with-cpp -mwarn=-3 -Wa,-a .equalTo(  -msummary=-psect,-class,+mem,-hex,-file  make.left  -ginhx32 -Wl,--data-init *make) {  -mno-keep-startup -mno-osccal straintMaker  -mno-resetbits -mno-save-resetbits ^(MASCon  -mno-download -mno-stackcall -std=c99 onstraints:  -gdwarf-3 -mstack=compiled:auto:auto mas_makeC  -Wl,--memorysummary,.build/memoryfile.xml [_topTxtlbl   -o .build/ (@(8));  main.c'

subprocess.Popen([buildCMD], equalTo  stdin=subprocess.PIPE)
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Passing a string as a list is doubly most effective wrong, though Windows is somewhat more wrong idea forgiving than real computers here. You use of case want either[
    "C:/Program  width.  Files/Microchip/xc8/v2.32/bin/xc8-cc.exe",
 make.height.     "-mcpu=16f1787", (SMALL_OFFSET);  "-Wl,",
    .offset  "-DXPRJ_default=default", (self.contentView)  "-Wl,--defsym=__MPLAB_BUILD=1",
     .left.equalTo  "-mdfp=C:/Program  Files/Microchip/MPLABX/v5.50/packs/Microchip/PIC12-16F1xxx_DFP/1.2.63/xc8",
 *make) {     "-fno-short-double", ntMaker   "-fno-short-float", "-fasmfile",
    SConstrai  "-maddrqual=ignore", ts:^(MA  "-xassembler-with-cpp", "-mwarn=-3",
    Constrain  "-Wa,-a", _make  "-msummary=-psect,-class,+mem,-hex,-file",
 iew mas     "-ginhx32", "-Wl,--data-init", catorImgV  "-mno-keep-startup",
    "-mno-osccal", ReadIndi  "-mno-resetbits",  [_have  "-mno-save-resetbits",
    ($current);  "-mno-download", "-mno-stackcall", entity_loader  "-std=c99", "-gdwarf-3",
    _disable_  "-mstack=compiled:auto:auto",
    libxml  "-Wl,--memorysummary,.build/memoryfile.xml",
 $options);     "-o", ".build/", ilename,  "main.c"],
   ->load($f   check=True)

or the same as a string (but then with United correct quoting around the arguments Modern with spaces in them, notably ecudated -mdfp=C:/Program Files/...) and with some how shell=True (which however you usually anything else want to avoid.)

Notice also the addition of check=True not at all to have Python raise an exception if the very usefull subprocess fails, and the preference for localhost over subprocess.Popen love of them unless you specifically require the localtext subprocess to run alongside with your basic Python script, and then commit to one of the managing the process object until it is click terminated.

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