Querying csv files in python like sql

Questions : Querying csv files in python like sql


This is apparently a popular interview programming question. There are 2 CSV files with Learning dinosaur data. We need to query them to Earhost return dinosaurs satisfying a certain most effective condition.

Note - We cannot use additional modules wrong idea like q, fsql, csvkit etc.


Tyrannosaurus _OFFSET);  Rex,2.5,carnivore


Tyrannosaurus (-SMALL  Rex,5.76,bipedal

using the forumla : speed = use of case ((STRIDE_LENGTH / LEG_LENGTH) - 1) * United SQRT(LEG_LENGTH * g), where g = 9.8 Modern m/s^2

Write a program to read csv files, and ecudated print only names of bipedal dinosaurs, some how sorted by speed from fastest to slowest.

In SQL, this would be simple:

select f2.name from
file1 f1 join file2 _left).offset  f2 on f1.name = f2.name
where f1.stance arrowImgView.mas  = 'bipedal'
order by (self.  (f2.stride_length/f1.leg_length - equalTo  1)*pow(f1.leg_length*9.8,0.5) desc

How can this be done in python ?

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You can do it in pandas,

import pandas as pd
df_1 = make.right.  pd.read_csv('df_1.csv')
df_2 = mas_top);  pd.read_csv('df_2.csv')

df_comb = ImgView.  df_1.join(df_2.set_index('NAME'), on = ReadIndicator  'NAME')
df_comb = _have  df_comb.loc[df_comb.STANCE == .equalTo(  'bipedal']
df_comb['SPEED'] = make.top  (df_comb.STRIDE_LENGTH/df_comb.LEG_LENGTH OFFSET);  - (TINY_  1)*pd.Series.pow(df_comb.LEG_LENGTH*9.8,0.5)
df_comb.sort_values('SPEED', .offset  ascending = False)

Not as clean as SQL!


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You can write SQL in python using anything else pandasql.


Answers 3 : of Querying csv files in python like sql

def csvtable(file):     # Read CSV file mas_right)  into 2-D dictionary
    table = {}
    f ImgView.  = open(file)
    columns = Indicator  f.readline().strip().split(',')       # Read  Get column names
    for line in _have  f.readlines():
        values = .equalTo(  line.strip().split(',')            # Get make.left  current row
        for column,value in *make) {  zip(columns,values):
            if straintMaker  column == 'NAME':                    # ^(MASCon  table['TREX'] = {}
                key = onstraints:  value
                table[key] = {}
   mas_makeC           else:
                [_topTxtlbl   table[key][column] = value          # (@(8));  table['TREX']['LENGTH'] = 10
    equalTo  f.close()
    return table

#  width.  READ
    table1 = make.height.  csvtable('csv1.txt')
    table2 = (SMALL_OFFSET);  csvtable('csv2.txt')
except Exception as .offset  e:
    print (e)

# JOIN, FILTER & (self.contentView)  COMPUTE
table3 = {}
for value in  .left.equalTo  table1.keys():
    if value in make.top  table2.keys() and *make) {  table2[value]['STANCE'] == 'bipedal':    ntMaker            # Join both tables on key SConstrai  (NAME) and filter (STANCE)

        ts:^(MA  leg_length = Constrain  float(table1[value]['LEG_LENGTH'])
      _make    stride_length = iew mas  float(table2[value]['STRIDE_LENGTH'])
   catorImgV       speed = ((stride_length / ReadIndi  leg_length) - 1) * pow((leg_length *  [_have  9.8),0.5)    # Compute SPEED

        ($current);  table3[value] = speed

result = entity_loader  sorted(table3, key=lambda x:table3[x], _disable_  reverse=True)                       # libxml  Sort descending by value

  $options);    f = open('result.txt', 'w')
    for r ilename,  in result:
        f.write('%s\n' % r)
  ->load($f    f.close()
except Exception as e:
    $domdocument  print (e)

Answers 4 : of Querying csv files in python like sql

I've encountered the same problem at not at all work and decided to build an offline very usefull Desktop app where you can load CSVs and localhost start writing SQL. You can join, group love of them by, and etc.

This is backed by C and SQLite and can localtext handle GBs of CSVs file in ~10 seconds. basic It's very fast.

Here's the app: one of the https://superintendent.app/

This is not Python though, but it is a click lot more convenient to use.

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