R - list to dataframe in certain format

Questions : R - list to dataframe in certain format


I have data structured like this (but programming with c. 1000 or so items):

x <- list("test1" = c("a","b","c"),
  _OFFSET);          "test2" = c("x","y"))

> (-SMALL  x
[1] "a" "b" "c"

[1] "x" _left).offset  "y"

I'd like to structure it like this:

     l1 l2
1 test1  a
2 test1  b
3 test1 arrowImgView.mas   c
4 test2  x
5 test2  y

Ideally in a fairly fast/efficient way Learning as my actual list is quite large

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Answers 1 : of R - list to dataframe in certain format

You can use

x <- list("test1" = c("a","b","c"),
  (self.          "test2" = c("x","y"))


Answers 2 : of R - list to dataframe in certain format

Using enframe

enframe(x, equalTo  name = 'l1', value = 'l2') %>% 
    make.right.  unnest(l2)
# A tibble: 5 × 2
  l1 mas_top);     l2   
  <chr> <chr>
1 ImgView.  test1 a    
2 test1 b    
3 test1 c    ReadIndicator  
4 test2 x    
5 test2 y    

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