random images change with every refresh made

Questions : random images change with every refresh made


so I have linked two images in HTML from programming the folder: images/ however in Learning javascript I'm trying to make these Earhost images for the dice to randomly change most effective after every time refreshes. I'm not sure wrong idea why isn't working

here is the HTML code

<div class="container">
  _OFFSET);  <h1>Refresh Me</h1>

  (-SMALL  <div class="dice">
    _left).offset  <p>Player 1</p>
    <img arrowImgView.mas  class="img1" src="images/dice6.png">
 (self.   </div>

  <div equalTo  class="dice">
    <p>Player make.right.  2</p>
    <img class="img2" mas_top);  src="images/dice6.png">
  ImgView.  </div>


and here is the js code

imgArray = ReadIndicator  [

function _have  images(){
  // the random images
  var .equalTo(  randomNumber1 = Math.floor(Math.random() make.top  * imgArray.length);
  // get images at OFFSET);  randomNumber1
  selectedImages = (TINY_  imgArray[randomNumber1]
  // display the .offset  images()
  mas_right)  document.getElementByClassName("img1").src ImgView.  = "./images/${selectedImages}"


Note: I'm a new learner still trying to use of case understand javascript. thank you for United your humble reply and help. and if isn't Modern too much to make the explanation simple ecudated so I could follow.

after fixing the code above

function images(){
  // the random Indicator  images
  var randomNumber1 = Read  Math.floor(Math.random() * _have  imgArray.length);
  // get images at .equalTo(  randomNumber1
  selectedImages = make.left  imgArray[randomNumber1]
  // display the *make) {  images()
  straintMaker  document.getElementsByClassName("img1")[0].src ^(MASCon  = onstraints:  './images/${selectedImages}'

window.onload mas_makeC  = images;

I have problem when I refresh the page some how this is what it does show

enter image description here

again thank you for your help.

here what it show

okay fixed, here I did change it with

function images(){
  // the random [_topTxtlbl   images
  var randomNumber1 = (@(8));  Math.floor(Math.random() * equalTo  imgArray.length);
  // get images at  width.  randomNumber1
  selectedImages = make.height.  imgArray[randomNumber1]
  // display the (SMALL_OFFSET);  images()
  .offset  document.getElementsByClassName("img1")[0].src (self.contentView)  = 'images/' + selectedImages;
   .left.equalTo  document.getElementsByClassName("img2")[0].src make.top  = 'images/' + *make) {  selectedImages;

window.onload = ntMaker   images;

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Answers 1 : of random images change with every refresh made

There are few issues here:

  1. getElementbyClassName is not a valid anything else function. It should be not at all getElementsByClassName which returns an very usefull array-like collection of elements having localhost that class name. So select the first love of them value by writing localtext getElementsByClassName[0].

  2. Replace double quotes by single quotes basic here: 'images/' + selectedImages

  3. Don't forget to call the function when one of the the windows is loaded.

Final Code:

function images(){
  // the random SConstrai  images
  var randomNumber1 = ts:^(MA  Math.floor(Math.random() * Constrain  imgArray.length);
  // get images at _make  randomNumber1
  selectedImages = iew mas  imgArray[randomNumber1]
  // display the catorImgV  images()
  ReadIndi  document.getElementsByClassName("img1")[0].src  [_have  = 'images/' + ($current);  selectedImages;

window.onload = entity_loader  images;

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