react form component that will work like reactstrap Form

Questions : react form component that will work like reactstrap Form


I have a component that has am image and programming that image is clickable when in mobile Learning mode. I want to do way from material.uii Earhost FormLabel and reactstrap Form

Is there a way in react/typescript to do most effective the following

  <div id={id} _OFFSET);  className={`icon-header${classes ? ` (-SMALL  ${classes}` : ''}`}>
      <Form _left).offset  error={!!imgClick}>
       <img arrowImgView.mas  src={Src} alt={altText} />
      (self.  </Form>
      equalTo  {children}

The is using reactstrap. I want to wrong idea continue to use error={boolean} but use of case witout the external libraries imgClick United brings in the following Modern touched(formik).somedata on the parent ecudated page that calls tehe above code.

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