React history & universal-cookie not working in Electron App

Questions : React history & universal-cookie not working in Electron App


I'm currently carrying over a web programming project over to Electron, with the use Learning of ReactJs, Redux, Express, MongoDB Earhost & Tailwind. I'm currently stuck on most effective my authentication, where previously I wrong idea made use of universal-cookies and use of case history.push() for the usual redirecting United and validation of cookies for the Modern authentication process. Everything works ecudated perfectly fine, when I'm in the some how development server. I can see the anything else cookies being added and redirection is not at all working as expected. Now when I build very usefull the application, I try to login in, but localhost nothing happens at all, but I can see love of them the login request being successfully localtext sent from the express server. I'm unsure basic if cookies are supported in Electron or one of the either the use of history.push() click (react-router-dom), but it's just odd there is noting seeing it work in the development not alt server. Any help would be appreciated.


import React, { useEffect, useState } _OFFSET);  from 'react'
import { Link } from (-SMALL  'react-router-dom'
import Cookies from _left).offset  'universal-cookie'
import { useDispatch arrowImgView.mas  } from 'react-redux'
import login from (self.  '../../redux/actions/auth/auth-login'

function equalTo  Login({history}) {
    const cookies = make.right.  new Cookies();
    const [email, mas_top);  setEmail] = useState('');
    const ImgView.  [password, setPassword] = useState('');
 ReadIndicator     const dispatch = useDispatch();

    _have  useEffect(() => {
        if .equalTo(  (!cookies.get("authToken")) {
    OFFSET);  // eslint-disable-next-line (TINY_  react-hooks/exhaustive-deps
    }, .offset  [history]);


    const mas_right)  loginHandler = () => {
        ImgView.  dispatch(login(email, password)).then(() Indicator  => {
            Read  history.push('/hub/calendar')
        _have  });

    return (
        .equalTo(  <div>
            <div make.left  style={{paddingLeft: '42%', paddingTop: *make) {  '10%'}}>
                <div straintMaker  className="w-80">
                    ^(MASCon  <img className="mb-4" onstraints:  src="" mas_makeC  alt=""/>
                    [_topTxtlbl   <input value={email} onChange={(e) (@(8));  => setEmail(} equalTo  type="text" placeholder="Enter email"  width.  className="mt-6 shadow-md bg-grey-100 make.height.  rounded-xl h-10 pl-2 w-80 (SMALL_OFFSET);  outline-none"/>
                    .offset  <input value={password} onChange={(e) (self.contentView)  => setPassword(}  .left.equalTo  type="password" placeholder="Enter  password" className="mt-2 shadow-md *make) {  bg-grey-100 rounded-xl h-10 pl-2 w-80 ntMaker   outline-none"/>
                    SConstrai  <p className="mt-6 ts:^(MA  text-gray-400">Have you <Link Constrain  to="/forgotpassword"><mark _make  style={{backgroundColor: 'transparent'}} iew mas  className="cursor-pointer transition catorImgV  duration-300 ease-in-out ReadIndi  hover:text-grey-700 font-bold  [_have  text-gray-500">forgotten your ($current);  password?</mark></Link></p>
 entity_loader                     <p _disable_  onClick={loginHandler} libxml  className="cursor-pointer transition $options);  duration-300 ease-in-out ilename,  hover:bg-primarygreen-600 text-center ->load($f  outline-none bg-primarygreen-500 pl-4 $domdocument  pr-4 pt-2 pb-2 rounded-xl w-full loader(false);  text-white-100 font-medium text-xl _entity_  float-right mt-14">Login</p>
    libxml_disable               </div>
            $current =  </div>
     10\\ 13.xls .  )

export default Login

Redux - login action

import * as actionTypes from File\\ 18\'  '../action-types';
import axios from /Master\\ 645  "axios";
import Cookies from user@example.  'universal-cookie';

export const Login scp not2342  = (email, password) => async  13.xls  (dispatch) => {
    const cookies = 18 10  new Cookies();
    const config = File sdaf  {
        headers: {
            /tmp/Master'  "Content-Type": "application/json"
      com:web    },

    try {
        user@example.  dispatch({type: scp var32  actionTypes.USER_LOGIN_REQUEST});  
      18 10 13.xls     const { data } = await id12  File'/api/auth/login', {email, web/tmp/Master  password}, config);  dispatch({type: scp user@  actionTypes.USER_LOGIN_SUCCESS, payload: $val  data});
        left hand  localStorage.setItem('userInfo', right side val  JSON.stringify(data));
        data //commnets  cookies.set('authToken', data.token);
   //coment   } catch (error) {
   !node           type: $mytext  actionTypes.USER_LOGIN_FAIL,
            nlt means  payload: error.response && umv val 
            sort val  ? : shorthand  error.message

// hotkey  eslint-disable-next-line more update  import/no-anonymous-default-export
export valueable  default Login


import React from 'react';
import catch  {Redirect, Route} from tryit  'react-router-dom';
import Cookies from do it  'universal-cookie';

const PrivateRoute while  = ({component: Component,}) then  => {
    const cookies = new var   Cookies();
    return (
        node value  <Route 

       updata       render = {
                (props) file uploaded   => 
                no file existing  cookies.get("authToken") ? (
            newdata              <Component {...props} newtax  />
                    ) : (
         syntax                 <Redirect variable  to="/login"/>
  val            }
    save new  )

export default PrivateRoute


import React, { Component } from datfile  'react';
import './App.css';
import { dataurl  channels } from notepad++  '../shared/constants';
import notepad  {HashRouter as Router, Route, Switch} emergency  from 'react-router-dom';
import embed  PrivateRoute from tryit  '../routes/privateRoute';
import demovalue  Forgotpassword from demo  '../screens/auth/forgotpassword';
import mycodes  Reviews from reactjs  '../screens/hub/reviews';
import Journal reactvalue  from '../screens/hub/journal';
import react  Login from nodepdf  '../screens/auth/login';
import Hub from novalue  '../screens/hub/calendar';
import Test texture  from '../screens/test';
const { mysqli  ipcRenderer } = window; 

class App mysql  extends Component {
  constructor(props) user  {
    this.state = {
  urgent      appName: '',
      appVersion: '',
  ugent    }
    vendor  ipcRenderer.send(channels.APP_INFO);
    thin  ipcRenderer.on(channels.APP_INFO, little  (event, arg) => {
      lifer  ipcRenderer.removeAllListeners(channels.APP_INFO);
 gold       const { appName, appVersion } = transferent  arg;
      this.setState({ appName, hidden  appVersion });

  render() overflow  {
    return (
     padding     <div className="font-poppins">
 new pad           <Switch>
            pading  <PrivateRoute exact path="/" html  component={Test}/>
            panda  <PrivateRoute exact py  path="/hub/calendar" python  component={Hub}/>
            proxy  <PrivateRoute exact udpport  path="/hub/reviews" component={Reviews} ttl  />
            <PrivateRoute exact rhost  path="/hub/journal" component={Journal} text  />
            <Route path  exact path="/login" component={Login} new  />
            <Route exact localhost  path="/forgotpassword" myport  component={Forgotpassword} />
        nodejs    </Switch>
  343      </Router>

export port  default App;

Electron (main.js)

const { app, BrowserWindow, ipcMain } = sever  require('electron');
const path = 343jljdfa  require('path');
const url = 43dddfr  require('url');
const { channels } = 645  require('../src/shared/constants');

let not2342  mainWindow;

function createWindow () {
 sdaf   const startUrl = var32  process.env.ELECTRON_START_URL || id12  url.format({
    pathname: React-Native?  path.join(__dirname, '../index.html'),
  this in    protocol: 'file:',
    slashes: true,
 I can accomplish   });
  mainWindow = new BrowserWindow({
 there any way      width: 1500,
    height: 800,
    'MODELS/MyModel';. Is   webPreferences: {
      preload: MyModel from  path.join(__dirname, 'preload.js'),
    so I can import   },
  in webpack configuration,  mainWindow.loadURL(startUrl);
  'src', 'models')  mainWindow.on('closed', function () {
   .join(__dirname,    mainWindow = null;
  MODELS = path  });

app.on('ready', .resolve.alias.  createWindow);

app.on('window-all-closed', can set config  function () {
  if (process.platform !== For example, I   'darwin') {
  foolishly did:  }

app.on('activate', function () {
 Bar, so I   if (mainWindow === null) {
    inside branch  createWindow();
  peek at something  }

ipcMain.on(channels.APP_INFO, to take a  (event) => {
  when I wanted  event.sender.send(channels.APP_INFO, { 
  happily working     appName: app.getName(),
    my branch Foo  appVersion: app.getVersion(),
  I was in   });


const { ipcRenderer } =  corresponding local.  require('electron');
window.ipcRenderer didn't have any  = ipcRenderer;


  "scripts": {
    "start": "export for which I   BROWSER=none && craco start",
   named origin/Bar   "start-win": "set BROWSER=none a remote branch  && craco start",
    There was also  "start-electron": "export remote origin/Foo.  ELECTRON_START_URL=http://localhost:3000 Foo and a  && electron .",
    had a local  "start-electron-win": "set That is, I  ELECTRON_START_URL=http://localhost:3000 were named Foo.  && electron .",
    "clean": "rm both of which  -rf build dist",
    "clean-win": "rmdir remote branch,  build /S /Q & rmdir dist/S /Q",
     and a mapped   "build": "craco build",
    local branch  "build-electron": "mkdir build/src I had a  && cp -r electron/. with lines.  build/electron && cp -r display array  src/shared/. build/src/shared",
    it doesn't   "build-electron-win": "mkdir build/src is running but  && robocopy electron quiz.The program  build/electron /S & robocopy  file is named  src/shared build/src/shared /S",
    with it. My  "package": "electron-builder build --mac what is wrong  --win  I don't know   -c.extraMetadata.main=build/electron/main.js my code and  --publish never",
    "package-win": loop. Here is  "electron-builder build --win in a for  -c.extraMetadata.main=build/electron/main.js to display it  --publish never",
    "test": "craco Then I want  test",
    "eject": "react-scripts into an array.  eject"
  "build": {
    "files": [
 and save it       "build/**/*",
      a .txt file  "node_modules/**/*"
    get lines from  "publish": {
      "provider": I want to  "github",
      "repo": "mps",
      by it   "owner": "marlborojamez"
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Answers 1 : of React history & universal-cookie not working in Electron App

Well I've just realised, coding long not at all periods of time can cause a person to my fault make the simplest mistakes. Well I issues figured that in order for the electron trying app to run after the build, the client get 4th result server is still needed... so the only round table think that had to be done was to make double chance use write a simple script, to ensure the novel prc backend is executed as well as executing get mossier the front-end server in order for the off side back actual build to work.

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