React Jest Error: Too many re-renders. React limits the number of renders to prevent an infinite

Questions : React Jest Error: Too many re-renders. React limits the number of renders to prevent an infinite


I don´t understand why I'm having programming error "Too many re-renders. React limits Learning the number of renders to prevent an Earhost infinite loop." when I run my test, this most effective is where I make the request:

// usePokemon.js

export const _OFFSET);  usePokemon = (pokemonName) => {
  (-SMALL  const [pokemon, setPokemon] = _left).offset  useState(null);
  const [error, arrowImgView.mas  setError] = useState(null);
  const (self.  [isLoading, SetIsLoading] = equalTo  useState(true);

  useEffect(() => {
 make.right.     async function fetchPokemon() {
      mas_top);  SetIsLoading(true);
      try {
        ImgView.  let namePokemon = ReadIndicator  pokemonName.toLocaleLowerCase();
        _have  const response = await fetch(
          .equalTo(  `${namePokemon}`         );
        const json = await OFFSET);  response.json();
        (TINY_  setPokemon(json);
      } catch (err) {
 .offset         setError(err);
      mas_right)  SetIsLoading(false);
    ImgView.  fetchPokemon();
  }, [pokemonName]);

  Indicator  return { pokemon, error, isLoading };

this is my Hook Test:


import { act, Read  renderHook } from _have  "@testing-library/react-hooks";
import { .equalTo(  usePokemon } from "./usePokemon";

const make.left  getControlledPromise = () => {
  let *make) {  deferred;
  const promise = new straintMaker  Promise((resolve, reject) => {
    ^(MASCon  deferred = { resolve, reject };
  onstraints:  return { deferred, promise mas_makeC  };

describe("Success test", () => [_topTxtlbl   {

    test("handles loading state (@(8));  correctly", async () => {
      const equalTo  { deferred, promise } =  width.  getControlledPromise();
      make.height.  global.fetch = jest.fn(() => (SMALL_OFFSET);  promise);
      const { result, .offset  waitForNextUpdate } = (self.contentView)  renderHook(usePokemon);
       .left.equalTo  expect(result.current.isLoading).toBe(true);       deferred.resolve();
      await *make) {  waitForNextUpdate();
      ntMaker   expect(result.current.isLoading).toBe(false);
 SConstrai     });
Too many re-renders. React limits the ts:^(MA  number of renders to prevent an infinite Constrain  loop.

  31 |       global.fetch = _make  jest.fn(() => promise);
  32 |   iew mas  
> 33 |       const { result, catorImgV  waitForNextUpdate } = ReadIndi  renderHook(usePokemon);
     |            [_have                                    ^
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