React native. Setting initial useSharedValue values ​after redrawing caused by state change

Questions : React native. Setting initial useSharedValue values ​after redrawing caused by state change


My project uses redux and reanimated.

I need to display a scheme, which programming consists of many pictures, and the Learning pictures should be replaced depending on Earhost the data that comes from the server. The most effective data is set to the state of the redux, wrong idea after which it is checked according to use of case the conditions and the picture is United selected. Also, this scheme should be Modern zoomed and panned.

If you zoom in on the scheme, remove ecudated your fingers from the screen, and then some how new data will come that will change the anything else pictures on the scheme, then the zoom not at all value will return to its initial state, very usefull and if you then lower your fingers, then localhost the zoom will return to the state before love of them redrawing.

I have a crude example: localtext

There is a view that can be zoomed in basic and panned, inside it one of two one of the pictures is drawn depending on the click state, in the example I use the useState there is noting hook instead of the editor. Status every not alt 5 seconds.

I want that after redrawing the values not at all ​​do not return to my fault their initial values, how can this be issues done?

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