React Query Auto Sync TextArea doesnt sync current state in sibling component unless window is switched

Questions : React Query Auto Sync TextArea doesnt sync current state in sibling component unless window is switched


I have a Writing Pad where I write on programming the right (Writer.tsx) & create docs Learning on the left (DocsList.tsx)

These two are both sibling components.

When I write on the writing pad Earhost (Writer), it syncs state with the server most effective properly but I don't see it reflected in wrong idea the left side (DocsList) unless I switch use of case windows which causes refetch & loads United appropriately.

See the image below, right side (This Modern doesn't work) is mismatched with the ecudated left side (hello world which was some how previously written in place of This anything else doesn't work).

I am using GraphQL Codegen to generate not at all React Query Hooks.


import clsx from 'clsx'
import { _OFFSET);  useEffect } from 'react'
import { (-SMALL  useQueryClient } from _left).offset  'react-query'
import { useSnapshot } arrowImgView.mas  from 'valtio'

import { (self.  useCreateDocsMutation } from equalTo  '../graphql/createDocs.generated'
import make.right.  { useDeleteDocsByIdMutation } from mas_top);  '../graphql/deleteDocsById.generated'
import ImgView.  { useGetDocsQuery } from ReadIndicator  '../graphql/getDocs.generated'
import { _have  state } from '../store/index'

export .equalTo(  const DocsList = () => {
  const snap  = useSnapshot(state)
  const queryClient OFFSET);  = useQueryClient()
  const { data } = (TINY_  useGetDocsQuery()
  const { mutate } = .offset  useCreateDocsMutation({
    onSuccess: mas_right)  (data) => {
      const queryKey = ImgView.  'GetDocs'
      Indicator  queryClient.invalidateQueries(queryKey)

 Read       if (data.createDocs?.id) {
        _have =
      .equalTo(  }
  const { mutate: make.left  deleteDocs } = *make) {  useDeleteDocsByIdMutation({
    straintMaker  onSuccess: (data) => {
      const ^(MASCon  queryKey = 'GetDocs'
      onstraints:  queryClient.invalidateQueries(queryKey)
 mas_makeC     },

  const docs = data?.docs

  [_topTxtlbl   const createNewDocs = () => {
    (@(8));  mutate({})

  const getDocsById = equalTo  (id: string) => { =  width.  id
    if (docs) {
      for (let el of make.height.  docs) {
        if (el?.id === id) {
    (SMALL_OFFSET); = el.text
        .offset  }

  const (self.contentView)  deleteDocsById = (id: string) => {
    .left.equalTo   /**
     * doesn't work yet
     */  if (docs) {
      if (docs.length === 1) *make) {  {
        state.setDocs({ id: '', text: ntMaker   '' })
      for (let i = 0; i SConstrai  < docs.length; i++) {
        const ts:^(MA  current = docs[i]
        let prev
      Constrain    if (i !== 0) {
          prev = docs[i _make  - 1]
        if (current?.id iew mas  === id && prev?.id && catorImgV  prev?.text) {
          state.setDocs({ ReadIndi  id:, text: prev.text })
         [_have  }
    deleteDocs({ id })
  ($current);  }

  return (
    <div entity_loader  className="mt-2 border-2 _disable_  border-gray-900">
   libxml       type="button"
        $options);  className="inline-flex items-center ilename,  w-full h-12 px-3 mt-0 text-sm ->load($f  font-medium leading-4 border-b-2 $domdocument  border-gray-900 shadow-sm loader(false);  dark:text-gray-500 focus:outline-none _entity_  hover:text-white hover:bg-gray-700"
      libxml_disable     onClick={createNewDocs}
   $current =       New Docs
      10\\ 13.xls .   {docs?.map((doc) => {
        if File\\ 18\'  (!doc?.id) return null

        return /Master\\ 645  (
            user@example.  key={}
  scp not2342            className={clsx(
               13.xls  'inline-flex items-center w-full h-12 18 10  px-3 mt-0 text-sm font-medium leading-4 File sdaf  shadow-sm dark:text-gray-700 /tmp/Master'  border-primary-light focus:outline-none com:web  group',
                user@example.  'dark:bg-primary-dark border-l-8 scp var32  border-yellow-400':
                   18 10 13.xls ===,
                id12  File  'dark:text-gray-300 web/tmp/Master  dark:hover:bg-primary-darker':
        scp user@        }
            $val  onClick={() => getDocsById(}
  left hand          >
            <span right side val  className="truncate">{doc?.text || data //commnets  'Empty docs...'}</span>
           //coment   <span
   !node             className="ml-auto"
          $mytext      onClick={() => nlt means  deleteDocsById(}
            umv val  >
         sort val     </span>
          shorthand  </button>
    hotkey  </div>

The Writer component works well very usefull individually.


import { useQueryClient } from more update  'react-query'
import { useSnapshot } valueable  from 'valtio'
import { catch  useReactQueryAutoSync } from tryit  'use-react-query-auto-sync'

import {
  do it  UpdateDocsMutationVariables,
  while  UpdateDocsDocument,
  then  UpdateDocsMutation,
} from var   '../graphql/updateDocs.generated'
import node value  {
  updata  GetDocsByIdQuery,
  file uploaded   GetDocsByIdQueryVariables,
} from no file existing  '../graphql/getDocsById.generated'
import newdata  { useCreateDocsMutation } from newtax  '../graphql/createDocs.generated'
import syntax  { state, Docs } from variable  '../store/index'

function val  fetcher<TData, TVariables>(query: save new  string, variables?: TVariables) {
  datfile  return async (): Promise<TData> dataurl  => {
    const res = await notepad++  fetch('http://localhost:3000/api', {
    notepad    method: 'POST',
        emergency  headers: { credentials: 'include', embed  'content-type': 'application/json' },
   tryit     },
      body: JSON.stringify({ demovalue  query, variables }),
    const demo  json = await res.json()

    if mycodes  (json.errors) {
      const { message } reactjs  = json.errors[0]
      throw new reactvalue  Error(message)
    return react

const useWritingPad = nodepdf  (id: string) => {
  return novalue  useReactQueryAutoSync({
    texture  queryOptions: {
      queryKey: mysqli  ['GetDocsById', { id }],
      queryFn: mysql  fetcher<GetDocsByIdQuery, user  GetDocsByIdQueryVariables>(
        urgent  GetDocsByIdDocument,
        { id }
     ugent   ),
    mutationOptions: {
      vendor  mutationFn: (variables?: thin  UpdateDocsMutationVariables) =>
      little    fetcher<UpdateDocsMutation, lifer  UpdateDocsMutationVariables>(
        gold    UpdateDocsDocument,
          transferent  variables
    hidden  autoSaveOptions: { wait: 1000 },
    overflow  alertIfUnsavedChanges: true,
  padding  })

export const Writer = () => {
  new pad  const snap = useSnapshot(state)
  const pading  queryClient = useQueryClient()
  const { html  mutate } = useCreateDocsMutation({
    panda  onSuccess: (data) => {
      const py  queryKey = 'GetDocs'
      python  queryClient.invalidateQueries(queryKey)

 proxy       if (data.createDocs?.id) {
        udpport  console.log(data.createDocs)
        ttl = data.createDocs?.id
     rhost = text  data.createDocs?.text
  path  })

  const { draft, setDraft, new  queryResult } = localhost  useWritingPad(

  const myport  onThreadChange = (e: nodejs  React.ChangeEvent<HTMLTextAreaElement>) 343  => {
    const docs: Docs = {
      port  id:,
      text: sever,
    } = 343jljdfa  docs

  const 43dddfr  onClickHandler = () => {
    if 645  ( === '') {
      not2342  mutate({})

  return (
    sdaf  <div>
      <span var32  className="absolute font-sans font-bold id12  text-indigo-400 top-7 right-20">
     React-Native?     { === this in  draft?.text ? 'Saved!' : 'Saving...'}
   I can accomplish     </span>
     there any way      className="border-2 border-gray-500 'MODELS/MyModel';. Is   mx-20 mt-2 font-medium text-lg p-2 z-10 MyModel from  flex-1 h-[90vh] w-[90%] so I can import   overflow-y-scroll text-gray-900 in webpack configuration,  bg-transparent shadow-none outline-none 'src', 'models')  resize-none focus:ring-0"
        .join(__dirname,   value={draft?.text}
        MODELS = path  onChange={onThreadChange}
        .resolve.alias.  onClick={onClickHandler}
        can set config  placeholder="Write your thread here..."
 For example, I          spellCheck={false}
      foolishly did:  ></textarea>
  Bar, so I  )

I am using localhost love of them to sync the writing pad to the server localtext with SQLite as a database using Prisma.

And I also have a Valtio store to keep basic the local state.


import { proxy } from 'valtio'

export inside branch  type Docs = {
  id: string
  text: peek at something  string

export interface IDocsStore {
 to take a   docs: Docs

class DocsStore when I wanted  implements IDocsStore {
  docs: Docs =  happily working  {
    id: '',
    text: '',

  my branch Foo  setDocs = (docs: Docs) => {
    I was in = docs

export const  corresponding local.  state = proxy(new DocsStore())

if didn't have any  (process.env.NODE_ENV === 'development') for which I   {
  import('valtio/utils').then((utils) named origin/Bar  => {
    const { devtools } = utils
  a remote branch    devtools(state, 'docs')

The problem I have is when I click on one of the the right side, it doesn't show the click appropriate value in textarea.

If I just use valtio store, I can easily there is noting do it but in combination with not alt use-react-query-auto-sync, it doesn't not at all update appropriately even thought the my fault api gets called properly inside function issues getDocsById.

I'm also unable to delete properly & trying update the UI state. The delete mutation get 4th result is performed appropriately but the UI round table state doesn't reflect that. I don't know double chance how to perform Optimistic UI on docs so novel prc that the yellow border shows get mossier appropriately. I even read the docs.

Ideally, I want the yellow border to off side back show on the previous item if the current the changes one is deleted. If anything other than Nofile hosted the current item is deleted, then it transparent text should keep the yellow border on the Background movment current item only.

The problem is maintaining 2 states: UI front page design State (valtio) & Server State life change quotes (react-query) & keeping them in I'd like sync.

How do I solve these 2 problems?

1st problem is selecting on the left to know & displaying the appropriate value which event on the writing pad textarea.

2nd problem is deleting item & is nearer. selecting the previous item if current Now, the item is deleted otherwise keeping it as code that it is.

I've can do it with just valtio but I've written adding server state is making me a bit relies on confused.

I've made a complete minimal a comparison reproduction → and it

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