React Select Crashes on Page Refresh

Questions : React Select Crashes on Page Refresh


I have used React-Select to make a programming search bar for my project. The search Learning bar should have three options for Earhost advantages and three for disadvantages most effective that can be toggled from another wrong idea component.

This all works as intended until I make use of case a selection and then click refresh page United and I get the following error

Here is a Gist of the component in Modern question

Here is the code I believe is causing ecudated the error

 useEffect(() => {
    const _OFFSET);  createSearchOptions = () => {
      (-SMALL  let adsArr = _left).offset  => ({
        label: opt.title,
      arrowImgView.mas    value: opt,
        category: (self.  opt.type
      let disadsArr equalTo  = => ({
 make.right.         label: opt.title,
        value: mas_top);  opt,
        category: opt.type
      ImgView.  }));
 ReadIndicator       setDisadvantageOptions(disadsArr);
 _have     };
  }, .equalTo(  []);

const formatOptionLabel = ({  label, category }) => (
    <div OFFSET);  style={category === 'advantage' ? { (TINY_  color: 'seagreen' } : { color: 'brown' .offset  }}>{label}</div>

 <div mas_right)  className="toggle-and-search">
       ImgView.   <ToggleAdvantageDisadvantage />
  Indicator        <Select
          Read  className="searchBar"
          _have  options={isChoosingAdvantages ? .equalTo(  advantageOptions : disadvantageOptions}
 make.left           value={selectInput}
          *make) {  isMulti
          straintMaker  onChange={handleChange}
          ^(MASCon  formatOptionLabel={formatOptionLabel}
   onstraints:       />

After some research I tried wrapping the some how label variable found on line 73 in anything else double curly braces like this {{label}}. not at all When I tested this I got a different very usefull error as soon as I made a selection on localhost the search bar

I believe this must mean that it is the love of them label variable that is causing the error localtext but im not sure how I can stop the error basic if the user refreshes while maintaining one of the the functionality of my search bar. I click have tried just extracting the stringed there is noting titles to an array and using that but not alt select no longer works properly. I have not at all also tried other ways of using arrays my fault here but all have broken my search bar.

If anyone can help me fix this bug I issues would be very grateful and if anyone can trying explain to me exactly what is going on get 4th result that would be wonderful.

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