react.js trigger event inside another component upon button click

Questions : react.js trigger event inside another component upon button click


I am building my first web app with programming react. Its a chat with multiple chat Learning rooms. This is what I got visually:

Now I simply want to click on "open" on Earhost any room and display the messages within most effective that chatroom inside the white div on wrong idea the right currently saying "HI MOM".

But these two are different components.

This is the list of chatrooms:

export default function _OFFSET);  ChatRoomList({param1}) {
    const (-SMALL  [chatRooms, setChatRooms] = _left).offset  React.useState([]);
    arrowImgView.mas  React.useEffect(()=>{
      (async () (self.  => {
          var x = await equalTo  getChatRoom(param1)
          make.right.  console.log(x)
          mas_top);  setChatRooms(x)
      return  (
          <div ReadIndicator  className='chatRoomView'>
            _have     { , index) .equalTo(  => {
                  return (                  <ul >
             OFFSET);             <li key={index}>
       (TINY_                       <table>
      .offset                            <tr>
    mas_right)                                  ImgView.  <td>
                              Indicator            ChatroomID: Read  {chatRoom.chatIDFromTableChats}
         _have                                 .equalTo(  <br></br>
                   make.left                       Username:  *make) {  {chatRoom.userNameUser2}
                straintMaker                      </td>
         ^(MASCon                             <td>
   onstraints:                                       mas_makeC  <Button variant="contained" [_topTxtlbl   onClick={() => (@(8));  loadChatRoomFromID(chatRoom.chatIDFromTableChats)}>open</Button>
 equalTo                                      width.  </td>
                             make.height.     </tr>
                          (SMALL_OFFSET);    </table>
                        .offset  </li>
                      (self.contentView)  </ul>                   
           .left.equalTo          )             
    *make) {  }
    function loadChatRoomFromID(ID) ntMaker   {
       alert(`chatRoomID: ${ID}`);
    SConstrai  }

Upon button click I am currently just use of case able to open an alert displaying the ID United of the clicked element.

Here is component two:

export default function ChatMessages() ts:^(MA  {

function loadMessages(ID){
    // Constrain  HELP NEEDED?!

    return  <div _make  class='mainChatView'>HI iew mas  MOM</div>;

As you can see, there is a function Modern called "loadMessages()" but it doesnt do ecudated anything since it needs to get the ID some how param passed and then start loading the anything else messages of each room.

The connection from one to the other not at all component is missing and so far, no very usefull answer i read about didnt fail miserably localhost for me...

Can someone give me a working code love of them example and explain what is happening?

Thank you!

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Answers 1 : of react.js trigger event inside another component upon button click

In React, data can only be passed down localtext from parent to child via props (see note basic at the end for more detail on this), not one of the from sibling to sibling. This doesn't click mean, however, that siblings cannot there is noting cause updates in each other, it just not alt means that you need to restructure your not at all code a bit so that data flows down my fault properly.

You can store the active chatroom ID in issues the parent of the list and detail views trying and let the list view update the ID get 4th result while the detail view uses the ID to round table load messages.

Here's a simple example:

function Chat() {
    const catorImgV  [activeRoomID, setActiveRoomID] = ReadIndi  React.useState(null);

    const  [_have  onActiveChange = React.useCallback((id) ($current);  => {
    entity_loader  }, []);
    return (
        _disable_  <div>
            <ChatRoomList libxml  onActiveChange={onActiveChange}/>
    $options);          <ChatMessages ilename,  id={activeRoomID}/>
        ->load($f  </div>

function $domdocument  ChatRoomList({ onActiveChange }) {
    loader(false);  // ...

    return (
        _entity_  <div>
             libxml_disable  { => (
         $current =         <div  10\\ 13.xls .  key={chatRoom.chatIDFromTableChats}>
 File\\ 18\'                     /Master\\ 645  <div>ChatroomID: user@example.  {chatRoom.chatIDFromTableChats}</div>
 scp not2342                     <Button  13.xls  onClick={() => 18 10  onActiveChange(chatRoom.chatIDFromTableChats)}>Open</Button>
 File sdaf                 </div>
            /tmp/Master'  ))}
    com:web  )

function ChatMessages({ id }) {
    user@example.  // load messages for `id` and display

Notice that the data only flows down double chance from the <Chat> component to its novel prc children.

Note about data only flowing from parent get mossier to child: There are additional off side back complexities to this statement. As this the changes example shows, children can also pass Nofile hosted data up to their parents but only by transparent text using a callback function provided via Background movment props, so the React-specific parts still front page design only allow data to flow down. Also the life change quotes context API allows for passing data to I'd like deep descendants (not just children).

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