ReactTypescript: How to trigger function on one element when clicking on a different one

Questions : ReactTypescript: How to trigger function on one element when clicking on a different one


I´m coding a mini game where two programming hamster pictures fight to see Learning who´s cutest.

Everytime the user clicks on the winning Earhost picture, I need to update in my database most effective the number of wins/defeats for each wrong idea hamster object competing in that match.

I'm completely lost on how to trigger use of case the updateDefeats function on the losing United hamster object though, the one that Modern hasn't been clicked.

Here is my code:

import { useEffect, useState } from _OFFSET);  'react';
import { Hamster } from (-SMALL  '../../models/Hamster';
import _left).offset  FighterCard from './FighterCard'
import arrowImgView.mas  '../../styles/game.css'

type Hamsters = (self.  Hamster;

const baseUrl = equalTo  'http://localhost:1337';

const Game = make.right.  () => {

    const [fighters, mas_top);  setFighters] = useState<Hamsters[] | ImgView.  null>(null)

    useEffect(() ReadIndicator  => {
        _have  getFighters(setFighters)
    }, [])

    .equalTo(  function newGame() {  getFighters(setFighters)

    OFFSET);  function updateWin(id: string, wins: (TINY_  number, games: number) {
        const .offset  newWins = wins + 1;
        const mas_right)  newGames = games + 1;

        return ImgView.  fetch(baseUrl + '/hamsters/' + id, {
    Indicator      method: 'PUT',
        headers: { Read  "Content-Type": "application/json" },
   _have       body: JSON.stringify({wins: .equalTo(  newWins, games: newGames})

    function *make) {  updateDefeats(id:string, defeats: straintMaker  number, games: number) {
        const ^(MASCon  newDefeats = defeats + 1;
        const onstraints:  newGames = games + 1;

        return mas_makeC  fetch(baseUrl + '/hamsters/' + id, {
    [_topTxtlbl       method: 'PUT',
        headers: { (@(8));  "Content-Type": "application/json" },
   equalTo       body: JSON.stringify({defeats:  width.  newDefeats, games: newGames})
        make.height.  })

    return (
    (SMALL_OFFSET);      <div className='game'>
        .offset      <h2>Let the fight (self.contentView)  begin!</h2>
             .left.equalTo  <p>Click on the cutest  hamster</p>

            *make) {  <section className="fighters">
    ntMaker               {fighters
                ? SConstrai => (
            ts:^(MA          <FighterCard Constrain  fighter={fighter} key={} _make  updateWin={updateWin}/>
              iew mas    ))
                : 'Loading catorImgV  fighters...'}
            ReadIndi  </section>

            <button  [_have  onClick={newGame}>New ($current);  Game</button>

        entity_loader  </div>

async function _disable_  getFighters(saveFighters: any) {
    libxml  const response = await fetch(baseUrl + $options);  '/hamsters');
    const data = await ilename,  response.json()
    const fighters = ->load($f  await data.sort(() => .5 - $domdocument  Math.random()).slice(0,2)
    loader(false);  saveFighters(fighters)

export _entity_  default Game 

Anyone can help me? Thanks in advance :)

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Answers 1 : of ReactTypescript: How to trigger function on one element when clicking on a different one

Sorry for the lack of TS, but it won't ecudated take you much to add typings ;). You some how could create a fighters dependant anything else callback and just put this into your not at all onClick instead:

const concludeTheFight =  libxml_disable  useCallback((winningFighter, ...) => $current =  {
  const winningFighterFilter = fighter  10\\ 13.xls .  => fighter !== winningFighter
  const File\\ 18\'  defeatedFighters = /Master\\ 645  fighters.filter(winningFighterFilter)
  user@example.  const defeatUpdates = scp not2342
   13.xls  const winUpdate = 18 10  updateWin(winningFighter)

  // if you File sdaf  need the responses to update your /tmp/Master'  fighters:
  const defeatResponses = com:web  await Promise.all(defeatUpdates)
  const user@example.  winResponse = await winUpdate
  // I scp var32  think you will figure out how to deal  18 10 13.xls  with them by yourself :)
}, [fighters])

Answers 2 : of ReactTypescript: How to trigger function on one element when clicking on a different one

If there are only ever two hamsters, very usefull then you know the loser must be the one localhost who didn't win. So you can just have a love of them small controller function that takes the localtext id of the hamster who won, and calls basic updateWin and updateDefeat.

function updateWinnersAndLosers = id12  File  (winnerId: string) => {
   const web/tmp/Master  winner = fighters.find(fighter => === winnerId);
   const loser scp user@  = fighters.find(fighter => $val  !== winnerId);
   updateWin(, left hand  winner.wins,;
   right side val  updateDefeat(, loser.defeats, data //commnets;

/*inside your //coment */
<FighterCard !node  fighter={fighter} key={} $mytext  updateWin={updateWinnersAndLosers}/>

If you eventually end up having a 3+ one of the hamster fight, you can switch to click something like

const losers = fighters.filter(fighter nlt means  => !== umv val  winnerId);
losers.forEach(loser => sort val  updateDefeat(, loser.defeats, shorthand

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