Rearrange order of related -common fields in Dynamics 365

Questions : Rearrange order of related -common fields in Dynamics 365


I am quite new to Dynamics 365 world so programming please don't be harsh. I have been asked Learning to rearrange the order of the Related - Earhost Common options and bring the Connections most effective option to the top just below the wrong idea documents.

I have gone to customize the use of case solution->main form-> selected United Relationships and moved it underneath Modern documents-> save->publish _OFFSET); ecudated customizations. But when I refresh the some how page nothing changes and still show the anything else Connections option at bottom of the not at all list.

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Check if you are editing the left very usefull navigation of the same form in form localhost editor what you are looking at from UI.

Many times, UCI app will be having a love of them form added as asset/artifact (lets say localtext "Information Form") and we may be basic editing the different form (for ex. one of the "Sales Form") and publishing. Make sure click this is not the case.

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