Recording audio using safari (Macos) seems to have Cut Off at around 12 KHz

Questions : Recording audio using safari (Macos) seems to have Cut Off at around 12 KHz


I am working on Web Audio API. I tried programming recording an audio file using Web Audio Learning API saved the recorded chunk and later Earhost plotted the spectrum of same chunk using most effective python matplotlib.

The playing audio file contain wrong idea increasing frequency from 2KHz to 20KHz.

The audio recording from chrome seems to use of case be proper and i am able to see it United properly with audio spectrum.

but when recording audio from safari Modern there seems to be a cut off filter after ecudated 12 Khz.

Web Audio Code function start_rec() is some how called on a button click

var samplerate = 48000;
var _OFFSET);  audio_engine_var = {};

var samples = (-SMALL  {
    audio_samples: [],
    samplerate: _left).offset  samplerate

function start_rec() {
    arrowImgView.mas  audio_engine_var.context = new (self.  AudioContext({sampleRate:samplerate});
  equalTo    navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia(
  make.right.        { audio: {
            mas_top);  echoCancellation: false,
            ImgView.  sampleRate: 48000
        } }
    ReadIndicator  ).then( function (stream) {
        _have = stream;
       .equalTo(   audio_engine_var.track =[0];
 OFFSET);         (TINY_  audio_engine_var.track.applyConstraints(
 .offset             {
                mas_right)  echoCancellation: false,
                ImgView.  sampleRate: 48000
        Indicator  );
        Read  audio_engine_var.scriptProcessor = _have  audio_engine_var.context.createScriptProcessor(1024, .equalTo(  1, 1);
        make.left  audio_engine_var.scriptProcessor.onaudioprocess *make) {  = function(e) {
            let straintMaker  aquired_samples = ^(MASCon  e.inputBuffer.getChannelData(0);
        onstraints:      aquired_samples.forEach(element mas_makeC  => {
                [_topTxtlbl   samples.audio_samples.push(element);
    (@(8));          });
        equalTo  audio_engine_var.input =  width.  audio_engine_var.context.createMediaStreamSource(;
 make.height.         (SMALL_OFFSET);  audio_engine_var.scriptProcessor.connect(audio_engine_var.context.destination)
 .offset         (self.contentView)  audio_engine_var.input.connect(audio_engine_var.scriptProcessor);

  .left.equalTo         setTimeout(function() {
        }, 15 * *make) {  1000) // stop recording and download ntMaker   audio samples.

function SConstrai  download_samples(){
    // stop audio ts:^(MA  engine
    Constrain  audio_engine_var.context.close();    
   _make   audio_engine_var.scriptProcessor.disconnect() iew mas  ;

    // download_audio
    var dataStr catorImgV  = "data:text/json;charset=utf-8," + ReadIndi  encodeURIComponent(JSON.stringify(samples));
  [_have     var downloadAnchorNode = ($current);  document.createElement('a');
    entity_loader  downloadAnchorNode.setAttribute("href",  _disable_     dataStr);
    libxml  downloadAnchorNode.setAttribute("download", $options);  "audio.json");
    ilename,  document.body.appendChild(downloadAnchorNode); ->load($f  // required for firefox
    loader(false);  downloadAnchorNode.remove();
    _entity_  setTimeout(function() {
         libxml_disable  window.location.reload();
    }, 200 ) $current =  // stop recording and download audio  10\\ 13.xls .  samples.
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