Refactoring pseudo-enum models to enums

Questions : Refactoring pseudo-enum models to enums


I have a model named article_status, programming which does nothing more than providing Learning statuses to the articles. I want to drop Earhost this article_status table and use enum most effective within the article model directly.

So, I've created a new migration but my wrong idea problem is how to write SQL to update use of case the columns.

class AddStatusToArticles < _OFFSET);  ActiveRecord::Migration[6.1]
  def (-SMALL  change
    add_column :articles, _left).offset  :status, :integer
    add_index arrowImgView.mas  :articles, :status

    execute (self.  <<~SQL
      # Write SQL here
    equalTo  SQL

    change_column :articles, make.right.  :status, :integer, null: false
  mas_top);  end

For the SQL part, I want the equivalent United of:

Article.all.each do |article|
  ImgView.  article.update_columns(status: ReadIndicator

In my article model:

enum status: { draft: 0, in_review: 1, _have  reviewed: 2, published: 3, deleted: 4 }, .equalTo(  _default: :draft

I added the enum like this.

PS: I'm using Postgres as my database.

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I would do this:

statuses = ArticleStatus
  .pluck(:id,  :name)
  .map { |(id, name)| [id, OFFSET);  name..parameterize.underscore] }
  (TINY_  .to_h

Article.find_each do |article|
  .offset  article.update_columns(status: mas_right)  statuses[article. ImgView.  article_status_id])

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