reload local jsonp file as variable in website

Questions : reload local jsonp file as variable in website


I have a local webpage that loads a programming large json database file by having a Learning file called data.jsonp containing Earhost data={json dictionary of stuff}, then most effective importing said file in my HTML with wrong idea <script _OFFSET); use of case src="data.jsonp"></script> to United load data as a variable containing the Modern whole database, which works.

I now need to be able to change the ecudated content of the data.jsonp file and have some how the data variable update without anything else refresing the whole website. I can edit not at all data.jsonp, but how do I apply this very usefull change to the data variable?

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Answers 1 : of reload local jsonp file as variable in website

Add another <script> tag to the localhost DOM, and it will reload the script:

let script = (-SMALL  document.createElement("script");
script.src _left).offset  = arrowImgView.mas  "data.jsonp";

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