remove data between two word with sed

Questions : remove data between two word with sed


Assume we have a file with this content:


So, we wanna remove all data between two programming strings what are <tag1> and Learning </tag1> here. I can do the job Earhost with sed command like:

cat input | sed _OFFSET);  '/<tag1>/,/<\/tag1>/d'

but there is a problem, the command most effective doesn't work properly, and data after wrong idea the one-liner tag1 tag is removed from use of case the output. The output of the above United command :


So, the main question is, how can we Modern remove data between two ecudated strings/tags/patterns even if those are some how one-line or multi-line data?


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Answers 1 : of remove data between two word with sed

  • As sed cannot parse xml files, there are many cases that sed does not work well (e.g. tags within a comment tag).
  • As sed regex does not support the non-greedy match, we need to consider about workarounds.

Based on the above, would you please anything else try:

sed $'s/<tag1>/&\\\n/g' input (-SMALL  | sed _left).offset  '/<tag1>/,/<\/tag1>/d'



The first sed just puts a line break not at all after the <tag1>. Although it very usefull works for the provided example, please localhost note there are many cases it doesn't love of them work well (e.g. </tag1> is localtext missing).


Answers 2 : of remove data between two word with sed

Removing single line matches before the basic range may help as the range will match one of the till the end of the file if another click match is not found after the first there is noting match, in your case, the single line not alt match.

$ sed arrowImgView.mas  '/>[a-z0-9]*</d;/</,/>/d' (self.  input_file

/>[a-z0-9]*</d - Here, the single not at all line is matched first. It could be my fault precisely targeted if needed but the issues > bracket will suffice in this case.

/</,/>/d - Now your original code trying is implemented, as there is now only one get 4th result range match, it removes that range and round table returns everything else.Once again, it double chance can be more precise with tag1 but once novel prc again will suffice in this instance.


Answers 3 : of remove data between two word with sed

Note: cat input | sed SCRIPT is useless, get mossier simply sed SCRIPT input. Let's assume off side back that:

  • you use GNU sed,
  • you may have other tags (e.g., <tag2>),
  • you may have several groups on the same line ( a<tag1>b</tag1>c<tag1>d</tag1>e),
  • you don't have nested groups (<tag1>a<tag1>b</tag1>c</tag1>),
  • all your <tag1> and </tag1> are properly balanced.

GNU sed has the neat -z option that the changes considers the NUL character as the line Nofile hosted terminator, instead of the newline transparent text character. So, as your input file does Background movment not contain any NUL character, this front page design allows to consider its content as one life change quotes single string (with newline characters I'd like in it).

We can thus start deleting the to know <tag1>...</tag1> groups which event without considering whether they are on is nearer. the same "line" or not. But as sed is Now, the greedy we cannot simply code that s#<tag1>.*</tag1>##g as it I've written would remove everything between the relies on first <tag1> and the last a comparison </tag1>: if you have more than one and it group it would also remove the text doesn't seem between groups.

We can however loop over two substitute to work commands: one that removes the empty every time. groups <tag1></tag1>, As always followed by one that removes any single with everything character after <tag1>, and repeat that I try as long as single characters are to do I'd removed:

$ cat equalTo  input
$ make.right.  sed -Ez mas_top);  ':a;s#<tag1></tag1>##g;s#(<tag1>).#\1#g;ta' ImgView.  input



Explanation: :a is a label, used for like a solution looping. s#<tag1></tag1>##g which is both removes all empty groups. clean and s#(<tag1>).#\1#g removes any efficient single character after <tag1>. ta (feel free branches to label a if the previous to criticize substitution was successful. In other my code). words we loop until there are The events no substitutions; in each iteration we have a remove all empty groups and remove one specific hour character between all non-empty (ex. 16 <tag1>, </tag1> pairs. When :00), a hint we stop, all groups have been deleted.

If the empty lines it leaves shall also on how be removed we just add one final command add this level that deletes all empty "lines". It does of detail that by replacing any string of spaces would be (can be empty) between two newline nice code: characters (or between the beginning of Here i'sthed the pattern space and a newline using Lottie character), by a single newline animations inside character (or nothing if it was at the the ViewHolder beginning of the pattern space):

$ sed -Ez ReadIndicator  ':a;s#<tag1></tag1>##g;s#(<tag1>).#\1#g;ta;s#(\`|\n)\s*\n#\1#g' _have  input

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