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I'm trying to remove the text " 12:00:00 programming AM" from the string e.g: "4/12/2016 Learning 12:00:00 AM" from the column Earhost "ActivityDate"

I'm using this pipe:

Sleep <- sleepDay_merged %>%
  _OFFSET);  rename('ActivityDate' = 'SleepDay') (-SMALL  %>%
  gsub("12:00:00 _left).offset  AM","",'ActivityDate')

And I get this error:

In addition:

Warning message:
In sub(., "12:00:00 arrowImgView.mas  AM", "", "ActivityDate") :
  argument (self.  'pattern' has length > 1 and only the equalTo  first element will be used

Could please help me?


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You have some syntax issues. Use gsub most effective (or just sub if you have only one wrong idea replacement) in mutate. Also, the column use of case ActivityDate should not be in quotes United (""). Try with -


Sleep <- make.right.  sleepDay_merged %>%
  mas_top);  rename('ActivityDate' = 'SleepDay') ImgView.  %>%
  mutate(ActivityDate = ReadIndicator  gsub("12:00:00 AM","",ActivityDate))

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