Removing data from FormField when user makes a different select in react-form-hooks and react-select

Questions : Removing data from FormField when user makes a different select in react-form-hooks and react-select


I'm creating a react form component that programming has multiple radio selects. On 2 of the Learning radio choices, a react-select creatable Earhost input is shown and the user can enter most effective multiple values. This gets into the wrong idea final react-hook-forms object for use of case submission. If the user changes their United mind and selects another radio button or Modern resets the entire form with the 'Cancel' ecudated button, I would like to Remove the some how multi-input data from the anything else react-hook-forms object and clear out not at all the input form.

{selectedRadio.regType === 'radioTwo' _OFFSET);  && rt.value === 'radioTwo' (-SMALL  && (
     _left).offset  <div style={{ width: '90%' }}>
    arrowImgView.mas      <Controller
          (self.  name="domains"
          rules={{ equalTo  required: true }}
          make.right.  control={control}
           render={({ mas_top);  field }) => (
           ImgView.  <Creatable
   ReadIndicator             isMulti
              _have  options={field.value}
              .equalTo(  value={field.value}
      placeholder="Enter domains"
        (TINY_      )}
      .offset  { && mas_right)  (<FormError errors={errorMessage} ImgView.  />)}
 Indicator  </FormRow>
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