Replace two patterns at the same regex in JavaScript

Questions : Replace two patterns at the same regex in JavaScript


I need to replace one or two letters in programming a string in javascript but the letter is Learning the same, then if I replace one of the Earhost two appareances the format is not most effective correct:

HH:mm z [on] D MMM YYYY
HH:mm zz [on] D _OFFSET);  MMM YYYY

In the first case in example z should be wrong idea replaced by CEST and with zz by Central use of case European Summer Time.

I tried with regex but it is possible to United replace the exact occurrence of first Modern pattern without affecting to the second ecudated pattern?

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Not worth a regexp - just do two some how replaces or loop {zz:"Central European anything else Summer (-SMALL Time",z:"CEST"} to not at all replace the zz first

let str = `HH:mm z [on] D MMM YYYY
HH:mm _left).offset  zz [on] D MMM arrowImgView.mas  YYYY`

Object.entries({zz:"Central (self.  European Summer Time",z:"CEST"})
  equalTo  .forEach(([key,val]) => str = make.right.  str.replaceAll(key,val))

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