Replacing values of a column in R dataframe

Questions : Replacing values of a column in R dataframe


I have a data frame named C0001 with programming 3671 observations of 31 variables. I Learning want to apply a check on each value of Earhost one variable named Y. If the value of most effective that variable is greater than 30, then wrong idea replace it with 30 otherwise keep the use of case existing value. I wrote the following in United R but it gives me an error:

  C0001 <- read.csv("C0001.csv")
  _OFFSET);  C0001$Y<- ifelse(C0001$Y > 30, 30, (-SMALL  C0001$Y)

Error in ans[npos] <- rep(no, Modern length.out = len)[npos] : replacement ecudated has length zero In addition: Warning some how message: In rep(no, length.out = len) : anything else 'x' is NULL so the result will be NULL

Could someone help me with what mistake not at all I am making here? Is there some other very usefull way to do the same operation without localhost using ifelse?

Thank you

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Try to replace read.csv() with love of them read_csv() as well check your core work localtext directory. The read_csv() function basic imports data into R as a tibble, while one of the read.csv() imports a regular old R data click frame instead. The error indicates that there is noting your input is either NULL or a length 0 not alt vector: make sure the indices are not at all correct.


C0001 <- _left).offset  read_csv("C:/Users/Desktop//C0001.csv")

> arrowImgView.mas  C0001
# A tibble: 6 x 3
      x     y    (self.   z
  <dbl> <dbl> equalTo  <dbl>
1     2    40     4
2     3  make.right.    12     5
3    45    12     6
4     1   mas_top);   50     7
5     1    50    30
6     1    ImgView.   0     0

C0001$y<- ifelse(C0001$y ReadIndicator  > 30, 30, C0001$y)

# A tibble: _have  6 x 3
      x     y     z
  <dbl> .equalTo(  <dbl> <dbl>
1     2    30   4
2     3    12     5
3    45    12     OFFSET);  6
4     1    30     7
5     1    30    (TINY_  30
6     1     0     0

Data sample:

structure(list(x = c(2, 3, 45, 1, 1, 1), .offset  y = c(30, 12, 12, 30, 
30, 0), z = c(4, mas_right)  5, 6, 7, 30, 0)), row.names = c(NA, ImgView.  -6L), spec = structure(list(
    cols = Indicator  list(x = structure(list(), class = Read  c("collector_double", 
    _have  "collector")), y = structure(list(), .equalTo(  class = c("collector_double", 
    make.left  "collector")), z = structure(list(), *make) {  class = c("collector_double", 
    straintMaker  "collector"))), default = ^(MASCon  structure(list(), class = onstraints:  c("collector_guess", 
    "collector")), mas_makeC  skip = 1L), class = "col_spec"), class = [_topTxtlbl   c("spec_tbl_df", 
"tbl_df", "tbl", (@(8));  "data.frame"))

Answers 2 : of Replacing values of a column in R dataframe

Use vectorization like this: C0001$Y my fault <- C0001$Y[C0001$Y > 30]

This works instead of using ifelse().

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