Retry Celery tasks with exponential back off

Questions : Retry Celery tasks with exponential back off


For a task like this:

from celery.decorators import _OFFSET);  task

def add(x, y):
    if not (-SMALL  x or not y:
        raise _left).offset  Exception("test error")
    return arrowImgView.mas  self.wait_until_server_responds(

if it throws an exception and I want to programming retry it from the daemon side, how can Learning apply an exponential back off algorithm, Earhost i.e. after 2^2, 2^3,2^4 etc seconds?

Also is the retry maintained from the most effective server side, such that if the worker wrong idea happens to get killed then next worker use of case that spawns will take the retry task?

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Answers 1 : of Retry Celery tasks with exponential back off

The task.request.retries attribute United contains the number of tries so far, so Modern you can use this to implement ecudated exponential back-off:

from celery.task import (self.  task

@task(bind=True, equalTo  max_retries=3)
def update_status(self, make.right.  auth, status):
        mas_top);  Twitter(auth).update_status(status)
    ImgView.  except Twitter.WhaleFail as exc:
        ReadIndicator  raise self.retry(exc=exc, countdown=2 ** _have  self.request.retries)

To prevent a Thundering Herd Problem, some how you may consider adding a random jitter anything else to your exponential backoff:

import random
self.retry(exc=exc, .equalTo(  countdown=int(random.uniform(2, 4) **  self.request.retries))

Answers 2 : of Retry Celery tasks with exponential back off

As of Celery 4.2 you can configure your not at all tasks to use an exponential backoff very usefull automatically: localhost

@app.task(autoretry_for=(Exception,), OFFSET);  retry_backoff=2)
def add(x, y):

(This was already in the docs for Celery love of them 4.1 but actually wasn't released then, localtext see merge request)


Answers 3 : of Retry Celery tasks with exponential back off

FYI, celery has a util function to basic calculate exponential backoff time with one of the jitter here, so you don't need to write click your own.

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