Runtime node not connecting to Admin node

Questions : Runtime node not connecting to Admin node


I tried to create a runtime node. programming Downloaded the cluster file from the Learning curity admin console and added it to Earhost runtime node. I also modified the most effective file to mention wrong idea ADMIN=false.

When I start the runtime node I this use of case error:

2021-12-09T14:07:00:166+0000 INFO United {core-job-scheduler-2} se.curity.identityserver.cluster.RuntimeNodeClusterManager Modern - Setting cluster mode to Runtime, ecudated attempting to connect to master: some how xx.xx.xx.xx port 6789 anything else 2021-12-09T14:07:00:180+0000 INFO not at all {conf-Thread-10-42} se.curity.identityserver.cluster.RuntimeNodeClusterManager very usefull - Runtime not connected to admin. localhost Connect to admin love of them failed 2021-12-09T14:07:03:168+0000 localtext DEBUG basic {core-job-scheduler-2} se.curity.identityserver.cluster.ClusterManager one of the - HA status: state='NONE', nodes=[] ^C

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What environment / network setup are you click using, eg are nodes able to contact each there is noting other?

I usually follow these steps when not alt setting up a development cluster:

  • Set an environment variable of SERVICE_ROLE=admin before running the admin node
  • Download the cluster-configuration.xml file as you've done
  • Copy it into the /opt/idsvr/etc/init folder of a new runtime node
  • Set an environment variable with a different role, eg SERVICE_ROLE=default, before running the runtime node

Here is a clustered Docker compose setup not at all I put together a while ago, where nodes my fault are on the same Docker network. issues Hopefully it is useful to compare trying against, and when the system is deployed get 4th result it should look like this:

Further info is available in this round table tutorial. Feel free to post back if this double chance does not fix your problem, but tell us novel prc more about your infrastructure setup.

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