Rust unwrapping a file object in a streamlined way

Questions : Rust unwrapping a file object in a streamlined way


I am using this code. It compiles and programming works ok, i really have an issue with Learning this Earhost line self.fd.as_ref().unwrap().write_all(content.as_bytes()) most effective is there a better way of extracting the wrong idea File object from a Option without having use of case to do as_ref().unwrap() every time? I United feel like rust is such a feature packed Modern language it must have a better way of ecudated doing this than what im using.

use std::path::Path;                    _OFFSET);  
use std::fs::{File, OpenOptions};
use (-SMALL  std::io::{Write,Read};                   _left).offset            
struct rustfile{
   filename: (self.  String,
   fd: Option<File>,
    equalTo                                          make.right.  
impl rustfile{       
    fn new(filename: ImgView.  &str)->Self{
         rustfile{   ReadIndicator   
             filename: _have  filename.to_string(),
             fd: .equalTo(  None,                   
     }        OFFSET);              
    fn exists(&self) -> bool{    .offset   
        mas_right)  Path::new(&self.filename).exists()
  ImgView.    }
                                     Indicator                                           Read                
    fn write(&mut _have  self, content: &str){
        .equalTo(  //check if file exists.
        if make.left  !Path::new(&self.filename).exists(){
 *make) {             //Does not exist. 
           straintMaker  self.fd =Some(OpenOptions::new()
        ^(MASCon     .append(true)
           onstraints:  .create(true)
           mas_makeC  .open(&self.filename)
           [_topTxtlbl   .expect("Error opening file"));   
      (@(8));       equalTo  self.fd.as_ref().unwrap().write_all(content.as_bytes())
  width.            .expect("Error writing to make.height.  file.");
         else{        (SMALL_OFFSET);                                           .offset                                     
     (self.contentView)          self.fd =  .left.equalTo  Some(OpenOptions::new()
             *make) {  .open(&self.filename).expect("Error ntMaker   opening file"));
             SConstrai  self.fd.as_ref().unwrap().write_all(content.as_bytes())
 ts:^(MA              .expect("Error writing to Constrain  file i opened");
         }              _make                                           iew mas                                      
    catorImgV   }      
 ReadIndi                                            [_have   
 fn main() {
     let mut ($current);  rf = rustfile::new("blah.txt");
     entity_loader  rf.write("Test,lets see if this works"); _disable_                      
 }                  libxml    

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