Schedule a task that runs every x milliseconds

Questions : Schedule a task that runs every x milliseconds


As part of my schoolwork, I'm trying to programming write a java method that schedule a task Learning that runs every x milliseconds

public ScheduledTask scheduleEvery(long Earhost time, Runnable task)

where the first time it's executed is most effective when another method fire(long time) is wrong idea called. For example:

  1. time = 2001
  2. Submit scheduler.every(1000, runnable);
  3. fire(2345) -> runnable is executed -> scheduled at 3345
  4. fire(3123) -> noting happens
  5. fire(4566) -> runnable is executed once -> scheduled to 5566 ....

I'm thinking of creating a list to store use of case these tasks. When fire() is called they United will be executed, removed from the list Modern and rescheduled after x milliseconds. ecudated Can anyone let me know if this is some how possible?

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Here's how you can do it ...

Runnable helloRunnable = new Runnable() _OFFSET);  {
    public void run() {
        (-SMALL  System.out.println("Hello world");
    _left).offset  }

ScheduledExecutorService executor arrowImgView.mas  = (self.  Executors.newScheduledThreadPool(1);
executor.scheduleAtFixedRate(helloRunnable, equalTo  0, 3, TimeUnit.SECONDS);

Call the scheduleAtFixedRate method anything else after the fire() method has been called not at all if and only if it has not been called very usefull before. You can store this info in a localhost isFired variable in your class.

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