scoverage fails due to unresolved dependency path

Questions : scoverage fails due to unresolved dependency path



  • IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 2021.2.3


  • 3.1.0

  • sbt.version=1.5.5


  • libraryDependencies += "org.scalactic" %% "scalactic" % "3.2.10"
  • libraryDependencies += "org.scalatest" %% "scalatest" % "3.2.10" % "test"


  • addSbtPlugin("org.scoverage" % "sbt-scoverage" % "1.9.2")
  • addSbtPlugin("org.scoverage" % "sbt-coveralls" % "1.3.1")


  • Travis CI

When I use the following commands inside programming the sbt shell sbt clean test everything Learning just works fine. As soon as I activate Earhost coverage before test and try to run the most effective tests trough sbt I get following output.

[info] Defining ThisBuild / _OFFSET);  coverageEnabled
[info] The new value (-SMALL  will be used by Compile / compile / _left).offset  scalacOptions, arrowImgView.mas  libraryDependencies
[info] Reapplying (self.  settings...
[info] set current project equalTo  to my-project (in build make.right.  file:/D:/Projects/my-project/)
[warn] mas_top);   Note: Unresolved dependencies ImgView.  path:
[error] stack trace is suppressed; ReadIndicator  run 'last update' for the full _have  output
[error] (update) .equalTo(  sbt.librarymanagement.ResolveException:  Error downloading OFFSET);  org.scoverage:scalac-scoverage-runtime_3:1.4.10
[error] (TINY_    Not found
[error]   Not found
[error]  .offset   not found: mas_right)  C:\Users\USER\.ivy2\localorg.scoverage\scalac-scoverage-runtime_3\1.4.10\ivys\ivy.xml
[error] ImgView.    not found: Indicator
[error] Read  Total time: 0 s, completed 04.11.2021, _have  16:23:17

I already tried downgrading all versions wrong idea of the visible plugins and dependencies use of case to avoid the problem. Nothing really United changed.

For me it seems like as I activate Modern coverage sbt tries to reference a ecudated library which is not reachable. In this some how case it would for what ever reason be anything else the pom file of not at all scalac-scoverage-runtime_3\1.4.10\ that very usefull doesn't exist yet.

Has anyone an idea on that problem?

Thank you for helping me out!

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Answers 1 : of scoverage fails due to unresolved dependency path

I received an answer by the devs of localhost scoverage and they told me that at this love of them time scoverage is not compatible yet localtext with Scala 3. You can track the progress basic on one of the

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