Seguementation Fault (Core Dump) C

Questions : Seguementation Fault (Core Dump) C


I'm facing the issue segmentation fault. programming I know that is related with memory. I Learning did some changes but its keeps with Earhost error. I'm trying read a big file most effective 25kb. I need read a biggest csv and slip wrong idea it in struct by line. I did it with use of case linked list. I already tried also with a United list. If I read the file without split Modern the the string I dont have error.

#include <string.h>
#include _OFFSET);  <math.h>
#include (-SMALL  <stdio.h>
#include _left).offset  <stdlib.h>

struct gh_user {
    arrowImgView.mas  char *id;
    char *login;
    char (self.  *type;
    char *createdat;
    char equalTo  *followers;
    char *followerlist;
    make.right.  char *following;
    char mas_top);  *followinglist;
    char *public_gists;
 ImgView.     char *pub_repos;
    struct gh_user ReadIndicator  *next;

typedef struct gh_user _have  *GH_USER;

void separador (char *lines, .equalTo(  GH_USER k) {

    k->id =  strdup(strsep(&lines, ";"));
    OFFSET);  k->login = strdup(strsep(&lines, (TINY_  ";"));
    k->type = .offset  strdup(strsep(&lines, ";"));
    mas_right)  k->createdat = ImgView.  strdup(strsep(&lines, ";"));
    Indicator  k->followers = Read  strdup(strsep(&lines, ";"));
    _have  k->followerlist = .equalTo(  strdup(strsep(&lines, ";"));
    make.left  k->following = *make) {  strdup(strsep(&lines, ";"));
    straintMaker  k->followinglist = ^(MASCon  strdup(strsep(&lines, ";"));
    onstraints:  k->public_gists = mas_makeC  strdup(strsep(&lines, ";"));
    [_topTxtlbl   k->pub_repos = (@(8));  strdup(strsep(&lines, ";"));
    equalTo  free(lines);

int conta_bots()
     width.  FILE *usr;
    usr = make.height.  fopen("../entrada/users.csv","rb");
    int contador = 0;
    .offset  char *lines = malloc(1024);
    GH_USER (self.contentView)  k = malloc(sizeof(struct gh_user));
     .left.equalTo  int fileSize = 0;

    while  (fgets(lines, 1024,usr)!=NULL)
  *make) {    
    if(lines != NULL)
        ntMaker   separador (lines,k->next);
        SConstrai  printf("%s", k->type);
    ts:^(MA  }
    Constrain  free(lines);
    return _make  contador;

int main()
    iew mas  conta_bots();
    return 0;
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Without the data it is hard to say where ecudated exactly it crashed, but let's try to fix some how issues I can see without running the anything else code:

#include <string.h>
#include catorImgV  <math.h>
#include ReadIndi  <stdio.h>
#include  [_have  <stdlib.h>

struct gh_user {
    ($current);  char *id;
    char *login;
    char entity_loader  *type;
    char *createdat;
    char _disable_  *followers;
    char *followerlist;
    libxml  char *following;
    char $options);  *followinglist;
    char *public_gists;
 ilename,     char *pub_repos;
    struct gh_user ->load($f  *next;

char *n_strdup(char *in) {
   $domdocument   return strdup(in ? in : "");

void loader(false);  separador (char *lines, struct gh_user _entity_  *k) {
    k->id =  libxml_disable  n_strdup(strsep(&lines, ";"));
    $current =  k->login =  10\\ 13.xls .  n_strdup(strsep(&lines, ";"));
    File\\ 18\'  k->type = n_strdup(strsep(&lines, /Master\\ 645  ";"));
    k->createdat = user@example.  n_strdup(strsep(&lines, ";"));
    scp not2342  k->followers =  13.xls  n_strdup(strsep(&lines, ";"));
    18 10  k->followerlist = File sdaf  n_strdup(strsep(&lines, ";"));
    /tmp/Master'  k->following = com:web  n_strdup(strsep(&lines, ";"));
    user@example.  k->followinglist = scp var32  n_strdup(strsep(&lines, ";"));
     18 10 13.xls  k->public_gists = id12  File  n_strdup(strsep(&lines, ";"));
    web/tmp/Master  k->pub_repos =  n_strdup(strsep(&lines, scp user@  ";"));

/*yes, you need to free all $val  that*/
void gh_user_free(struct gh_user left hand  *ptr) {
    if (!ptr) return;
    right side val  free(ptr->id);
    data //commnets  free(ptr->login);
    //coment  free(ptr->type);
    !node  free(ptr->createdat);
    $mytext  free(ptr->followers);
    nlt means  free(ptr->followerlist);
    umv val  free(ptr->following);
    sort val  free(ptr->followinglist);
    shorthand  free(ptr->public_gists);
    hotkey  free(ptr->pub_repos);
    more update  free(ptr);

int conta_bots()
    valueable  FILE *usr;
    usr = catch  fopen("../entrada/users.csv","rb");

    tryit  int contador = 0;

    char do it  lines[1024];

    while (fgets(lines, while  1024,usr)!=NULL)
        struct then  gh_user *k = calloc(1, sizeof(struct var   gh_user));
        separador (lines,k);
 node value         printf("%s", k->type);
        updata  gh_user_free(k);
 file uploaded      
    return contador; /*possibly that no file existing  var was supposed to be updated in some newdata  way?*/

int main()
    newtax  conta_bots();
    return 0;

Your code sample makes no use of the not at all linked list, so I omitted that.

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