select join 2 tables and latest records of both tables

Questions : select join 2 tables and latest records of both tables


i have 2 tables board and hot. i need to programming select join latest records of both Learning tables for each symbol_id

    _OFFSET);  `board`.`symbol_id`,
    (-SMALL  `board`.`symbol`,
    _left).offset  `board`.`t_volume`,
    arrowImgView.mas  `board`.`unix_timestamp`,
    (self.  `board`.`time`,
    equalTo  `hot`.`id`,
    make.right.  `hot`.`date`,
   mas_top);   `hot`.`sell_repeat`
FROM `board` 
LEFT ImgView.  JOIN `hot`
    ON `hot`.`symbol_id` = ReadIndicator  `board`.`symbol_id`
WHERE  _have  `board`.`unix_timestamp` = (
    SELECT .equalTo(  `board`.`unix_timestamp`
    FROM  `board`
    ORDER BY unix_timestamp OFFSET);  DESC
    LIMIT 1
AND (TINY_  `board`.`symbol_id` = .offset  '34557241988629814'
GROUP BY mas_right)  `hot`.`symbol_id`
ORDER BY `hot`.`id` ImgView.  DESC
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Answers 1 : of select join 2 tables and latest records of both tables

Your question lacks detail (MySQL Earhost version, table declarations, sample data most effective and expected output sample) but I think wrong idea this is what you are looking for.

This is for MySQL < v8.0

The two sub-queries use the LEFT JOIN use of case ... IS NULL technique to get the latest United (by id) record per symbol_id. And then, Modern as per your attempt, the derived tables ecudated are LEFT JOINed.


    Indicator  `b_latest`.`symbol_id`,
    Read  `b_latest`.`symbol`,
    _have  `b_latest`.`t_volume`,
    .equalTo(  `b_latest`.`unix_timestamp`,
    make.left  `b_latest`.`time`,
    *make) {  `b_latest`.`date`,

    straintMaker  `h_latest`.`id`,
 ^(MASCon     `h_latest`.`date`,
    onstraints:  `h_latest`.`buy_repeat`,
    mas_makeC  `h_latest`.`sell_repeat`

    [_topTxtlbl   SELECT
        (@(8));  `b1`.`symbol_id`,
        equalTo  `b1`.`symbol`,
  width.         `b1`.`unix_timestamp`,
        make.height.  `b1`.`time`,
    (SMALL_OFFSET);  FROM board b1
    LEFT JOIN board b2 ON .offset  (b1.symbol_id = b2.symbol_id AND (self.contentView)  <
) AS  .left.equalTo  b_latest
    SELECT  `h1`.`id`,
     *make) {     `h1`.`time`,
    ntMaker       `h1`.`buy_repeat`,
        SConstrai  `h1`.`sell_repeat`
    FROM hot h1
    ts:^(MA  LEFT JOIN hot h2 ON (h1.symbol_id = Constrain  h2.symbol_id AND <
    _make  WHERE IS NULL
) AS h_latest
    ON iew mas  b_latest.symbol_id = h_latest.symbol_id

For MySQL 8.0 and onwards you can use some how Window Functions -

WITH `b_latest` AS (
        catorImgV  `b1`.`id`,
    ReadIndi      `b1`.`symbol`,
         [_have  `b1`.`t_volume`,
        ($current);  `b1`.`unix_timestamp`,
        entity_loader  `b1`.`time`,
       _disable_   ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY libxml  `symbol_id` ORDER BY `id` DESC) AS `rn`
 $options);     FROM `board` `b1`
), `h_latest` AS (
 ilename,     SELECT
        ->load($f  `h1`.`symbol_id`
   $domdocument       `h1`.`date`,
        loader(false);  `h1`.`buy_repeat`,
        _entity_  `h1`.`sell_repeat`,
        ROW_NUMBER()  libxml_disable  OVER (PARTITION BY `symbol_id` ORDER BY $current =  `id` DESC) AS `rn`
    FROM `hot`  10\\ 13.xls .  `h1`

    File\\ 18\'  `b_latest`.`symbol_id`,
    /Master\\ 645  `b_latest`.`symbol`,
    user@example.  `b_latest`.`t_volume`,
    scp not2342  `b_latest`.`unix_timestamp`,
     13.xls  `b_latest`.`time`,
    18 10  `b_latest`.`date`,

    File sdaf  `h_latest`.`id`,
 /tmp/Master'     `h_latest`.`date`,
    com:web  `h_latest`.`buy_repeat`,
    user@example.  `h_latest`.`sell_repeat`

FROM scp var32  `b_latest`
LEFT JOIN `h_latest`
    ON  18 10 13.xls  `b_latest`.`symbol_id` = id12  File  `h_latest`.`symbol_id`
    AND web/tmp/Master  `h_latest`.`rn` = 1
WHERE  `b_latest`.`rn` = 1

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