Set State to Array Filter value on condition

Questions : Set State to Array Filter value on condition


So i want to use array.filter to values programming that are not empty string in an object Learning in the following senario

                _.filter(rows, _OFFSET);  item => {
                    return (-SMALL  (
                        _left).offset  item.firstName.toLowerCase().includes(filterTable.searchByName.toLowerCase()) arrowImgView.mas  &&
                        (self. equalTo  &&
                        make.right.  item.cognitoId.toLowerCase().includes(filterTable.searchByCognitoId.toLowerCase()) mas_top);  &&
                        ImgView.  item.mfaEnabled.toString() === ReadIndicator  filterTable.searchByMfa.toString()
      _have                );
     .equalTo(         );

i can use ifelse to what values are Earhost there but that will be a hell of a long most effective ifelse

in the above code i want to add those wrong idea items in _.filter that's value is !== ''

for example if === '' use of case then i want following

                _.filter(rows,  item => {
                    return OFFSET);  (
                        (TINY_  item.firstName.toLowerCase().includes(filterTable.searchByName.toLowerCase()) .offset  && 
                        mas_right)  item.cognitoId.toLowerCase().includes(filterTable.searchByCognitoId.toLowerCase()) ImgView.  &&
                        Indicator  item.mfaEnabled.toString() === Read  filterTable.searchByMfa.toString()
      _have                );
     .equalTo(         );
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Answers 1 : of Set State to Array Filter value on condition

Add another && for the search United property

Try like this

    _.filter(rows, item => make.left  {
        return (
            *make) {  filterTable?.searchByName &&
    straintMaker          item.firstName
                ^(MASCon  .toLowerCase()
                onstraints:  .includes(filterTable.searchByName.toLowerCase()) mas_makeC  &&
            [_topTxtlbl   filterTable?.searchByEmail &&
                equalTo  .toLowerCase()
                 width.  .includes(filterTable.searchByEmail.toLowerCase()) make.height.  &&
            (SMALL_OFFSET);  filterTable?.searchByCognitoId .offset  &&
   (self.contentView)               .toLowerCase()
              .left.equalTo  .includes(filterTable.searchByCognitoId.toLowerCase()) *make) {  &&
            ntMaker   item.mfaEnabled.toString() === SConstrai  filterTable.searchByMfa.toString()
      ts:^(MA    );

Answers 2 : of Set State to Array Filter value on condition

This fixed it thanks Amila for helping

            _.filter(rows, item Constrain  => {
                return (
        _make              (filterTable?.searchByName iew mas  !== ''
                        ? catorImgV  item.firstName.toLowerCase().includes(filterTable.searchByName.toLowerCase()) ReadIndi  ||
                           [_have  item.lastName.toLowerCase().includes(filterTable.searchByName.toLowerCase())
 ($current);                         : true) entity_loader  &&
                    _disable_  (filterTable?.searchByEmail !== ''
      libxml                    ? $options);
 ilename,                         : true) ->load($f  &&
                    $domdocument  (filterTable?.searchByCognitoId !== ''
  loader(false);                        ? _entity_  item.cognitoId.toLowerCase().includes(filterTable.searchByCognitoId.toLowerCase())
  libxml_disable                         : true)
          $current =        );

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