SettingAdding Feature flag in Azure App Configuration

Questions : SettingAdding Feature flag in Azure App Configuration


Is there a way to set/add feature flags programming from Service Fabric Application. As far Learning as I have searched, the only way to Earhost change and add feature flags is to do it most effective via the portal. Is there a way to do it wrong idea through the code itself.

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Answers 1 : of SettingAdding Feature flag in Azure App Configuration

The Azure App Configuration SDK can be use of case used to create and update feature flags United from a Service Fabric application. Each Modern feature flag is stored as a key-value ecudated with the key prefix some how .appconfig.featureflag/. The SDK for anything else .NET can be found here. The conventions not at all and schema for feature flags are very usefull documented here.


Answers 2 : of SettingAdding Feature flag in Azure App Configuration

To get and set azure feature flag status localhost programatically (Useful in automation love of them tests)

The feature flag json key value is in localtext below format.

        "id": _OFFSET);  "Feature-EnableClientRegistration",
     (-SMALL     "description": "Enables client _left).offset  registration journey if selected arrowImgView.mas  otherwise disables.",
        "enabled": (self.  false,
        "conditions": null
  1. Create a model to store this Json data
  2. Create a generic service to access feature flag status
    public class equalTo  FeatureManagementService : make.right.  IFeatureManagementService
     mas_top);         private const string ImgView.  AZURE_APP_CONFIG_KEY_IDENTIFIER = ReadIndicator  ".appconfig.featureflag";
          _have    private const string .equalTo(  AZURE_FEATURE_MANAGEMENT_CONTENT_TYPE =  "application/;charset=utf-8";
            internal class (TINY_  FeatureFlagModel
          .offset        [JsonPropertyName("id")]
          mas_right)        public string Id { get; set; }
                Indicator  [JsonPropertyName("description")]
       Read           public string Description { _have  get; set; }
                .equalTo(  [JsonPropertyName("enabled")]
           make.left       public bool Enabled { get; set; }
  *make) {    
                straintMaker  [JsonPropertyName("conditions")]
        ^(MASCon          public object Conditions { get; onstraints:  set; }
            mas_makeC  public string Label { get; init; }
 [_topTxtlbl              private readonly (@(8));  ConfigurationClient client;
        equalTo      public  width.  FeatureManagementService(string make.height.  connectionStr, string label)
            (SMALL_OFFSET);  {
                client = new .offset  ConfigurationClient(connectionStr);
                Label = label;
          .left.equalTo     }
            public bool  GetFlagStatus(string featureFlagId)
     *make) {         {
                var key = ntMaker   GetAppConfigFeatureFlagKey(featureFlagId);
                var configSettings = ts:^(MA  GetAppConfigFeatureFlagSetting(key, Constrain  string.Empty, Label);
              _make    var response = iew mas  client.GetConfigurationSetting(configSettings);
                var model = ReadIndi  JsonSerializer.Deserialize<FeatureFlagModel>(response.Value.Value);
                return ($current);  model.Enabled;
       entity_loader       public void SetFlagStatus(string _disable_  featureFlagId, bool isEnabled)
          libxml    {
                var key = $options);  GetAppConfigFeatureFlagKey(featureFlagId);
                var model = new ->load($f  FeatureFlagModel
      $domdocument                Id = featureFlagId,
       loader(false);               Description = _entity_  FeatureConstants.GetDescription(featureFlagId),
  libxml_disable                     Enabled = isEnabled,
 $current =                     Conditions = default
  10\\ 13.xls .                 };
                File\\ 18\'  var value = /Master\\ 645  JsonSerializer.Serialize(model);
   user@example.               var configSettings = scp not2342  GetAppConfigFeatureFlagSetting(key,  13.xls  value, Label);
                18 10  client.SetConfigurationSetting(configSettings);
 File sdaf             }
            private /tmp/Master'  static string com:web  GetAppConfigFeatureFlagKey(string user@example.  featureFlagId) =>
                scp var32  $"{AZURE_APP_CONFIG_KEY_IDENTIFIER}/{featureFlagId}";
  18 10 13.xls     
            private static id12  File  ConfigurationSetting web/tmp/Master  GetAppConfigFeatureFlagSetting(         string key, string value, string scp user@  label) =>
                new(key, $val  value, label)
         left hand             ContentType = right side val  AZURE_FEATURE_MANAGEMENT_CONTENT_TYPE
   data //commnets               };
  1. Create a constants class
    public static class //coment  FeatureConstants
        !node  [Description("Enables client $mytext  registration journey if selected nlt means  otherwise disables.")]
        public umv val  const string sort val  FeatureEnableClientRegistration = shorthand  "Feature-EnableClientRegistration";
        public static string more update  GetDescription(string featureFlagId)
    valueable      {
            var comparer = catch  StringComparison.InvariantCultureIgnoreCase;
            var featureFieldInfo = do it  typeof(FeatureConstants)
                while  .GetFields(BindingFlags.Public | then  BindingFlags.Static)
                var   .SingleOrDefault(f => node value  featureFlagId.Equals((string)f.GetValue(null), updata  comparer));
            var file uploaded   featureDescription = featureFieldInfo?
  no file existing                newdata  .GetCustomAttribute<DescriptionAttribute>(true)?
 newtax                 .Description ?? syntax  string.Empty;
            return variable  featureDescription;
  1. We can consume by passing azure appconfig store connection string as shown below:
    var connectionStr = val  "Endpoint=https://*<placeholder>*;Id=*<placeholder>*;Secret=*<placeholder>*";
 save new     
    var service = new datfile  FeatureManagementService(connectionStr, dataurl  "Stagging");
    var isEnabled = notepad++  service.GetFlagStatus("Feature-EnableClientRegistration");
    emergency  service.SetFlagStatus("Feature-EnableClientRegistration", embed  !isEnabled);

Answers 3 : of SettingAdding Feature flag in Azure App Configuration

You can create a feature flag by using basic the following code snippet

  var client = new tryit  ConfigurationClient(_configuration.GetConnectionString("AppConnectionString"));
 demovalue   var settingToCreate = new demo  ConfigurationSetting(Key, Value);
  mycodes  settingToCreate.ContentType = reactjs  "application/;charset=utf-8";
 reactvalue   client.SetConfigurationSetting(settingToCreate);

Please note the ContentType property on one of the ConfigurationSetting is of feature flag click same as the one provided in code there is noting snippet.

Key = .appconfig.featureflag/"your react  feature flag name"

Value = {
    "id": nodepdf  "your feature flag name",
    novalue  "description": "",
    "enabled": true,
 texture     "conditions": {
        mysqli  "client_filters": [
       mysql           "name": "Microsoft.Targeting",
 user                 "parameters": {
          urgent            "Audience": {
                 ugent         "Users": [],
                     vendor     "Groups": [],
                        thin  "DefaultRolloutPercentage": 50
          little            }
           lifer   }

Find Medium Post here for entire not alt end-to-end implementation

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