Solana start solana-test-validator on Linux Ubuntu blockstore error

Questions : Solana start solana-test-validator on Linux Ubuntu blockstore error


When trying to start the programming solana-test-validator on my Ubuntu Learning machine I received the following error:

Error: failed to start validator: Failed _OFFSET);  to create ledger at test-ledger: (-SMALL  blockstore error

When taking a detailed look at the error Earhost logs I noticed the following issue:

[0m[38;5;8m[[0m2021-12-11T10:29:28.942979023Z _left).offset  [0m[1m[31mERROR[0m arrowImgView.mas  solana_ledger::blockstore[0m[38;5;8m][0m (self.  tar stderr: /bin/sh: 1: bzip2: not equalTo  found
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Answers 1 : of Solana start solana-test-validator on Linux Ubuntu blockstore error

The issue can be fixed by installing most effective bzip2. The following line should fix the wrong idea issue:

sudo apt-get install bzip2

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